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  1. What personality disorders are in Cluster A??
    • Paranoid
    • Schizoid
    • Schizotypal 
  2. What characteristics does Cluster A have ??
    Odd and eccentric
  3. What Axis are personality disorders on??
    Axis II
  4. What are the Characteristics for Paranoid??
    • Mistrust and suspiciousness w/o sufficient basis
    • Difficulty adjusting to change
    • Secretive, jealousy, emotionally detached
    • Argumentive to maintain a safe distance btw self and others
    • Persistenly bears grudges 
  5. What are the characteristics for Schizoid??
    • pervasive pattern of detachment from social relationships
    • Prefer to be alone
    • Lack of trust in others
    • Affect is bland, blunted or flat 
  6. What are the Shyzotypal characteristics ??
    • distored sense of reality but can still discern reality from their beliefs
    • Can still function
    • Social and interpersonal deficits usually causing anxiety
    • odd beliefs and magical thinking 
  7. What personality disorders are in Cluster B
    • Antisocial
    • Borderline
    • Histrionic
    • Narcissistic 
  8. What characteristics are shown in Cluster B
    Dramatic, Emotional  or Erratic
  9. Anisocial characteristics
    • violation of rights of others
    • petty theft
    • embezzles money
    • lack empathy
    • charming
    • may be abusive  
  10. Borderline characteristics
    • recurrent suicide (1in 10 commit suicide) behavior, gestures, or threats
    • self mutilation
    • all good or all bad
    • Splitting
    • desperately seek relationships to avoid feeling abandoned
    • drive others away bc theyre controlling  
  11. Histrionic Characteristic
    • Over dramatic, excessive emotionality, attention seeking
    • inappropriate
    • trys to get attention of opposite sex 
  12. Narcissistic Characteristics
    • Preoccupied w/ fantasies of power, success, extremely grandiose, labile mood
    • Seek constant admiration
    • Sense of entitilement
    • Sees self as more important
    • lack of empathy 
  13. What are the personality disorders in Cluster C??
    • Avoidant
    • Dependent
    • Obsessive compulsive 
  14. What are the characteristics for Cluster C
    Anxious and Fearful
  15. Dependent characteristics
    • needs to be taken care of 
    • submissive and clingin behavior
    • fear of separation 
  16. Obsessive-Compulsive personality disorder
    • Orderliness
    • Perfectionism
    • Mental and interpersonl control
    • Needs routine
    • unable to delegate work for fear others will not do task correctly 
  17. What personality disorders seem to have genetics that paly a role
    • schizotypal
    • schizoid
    • paranoid 
  18. What abnormalties are found in a person w/ borderline??
    abnormality in prefrontal, corticostriatal, and limbi system
  19. What are two facts about personality dirsorders??
    • you don't get hospitalized for these disorders
    • you get this diagnosis when your 18 
  20. What is the comorbidity with personality disorders??
    • often more than 1 personality disorder and often w. the following 
    • substance abuse
    • somatization
    • eating disorders
    • PTSD
    • limbis system 
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