GCSE Chemistry

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  1. polymers are formed when 
    • many monomers (monomers have a c=c double bond)
    • join or react together to form a long chain molecule
    • . When monomers join to form a polymer and no other product is formed it is called addition polymerisation  
  2. a polymer is 
    • a long chain molecule made from many monomers 
  3. a monomer is 
    a short chain molecule that joins togther to form a polymer 
  4. polythene is
    flexible and used to make plastic bagsand cling film 
  5. polypropylene is
    flexible and is used to make crisp packets , crates , ropes and carpets
  6. PVC is 
    tough and hard and is used to make widnow frames , gutters and pipes 
  7. PTFE is 
    tough and slippery and is used to make frying pan coatings
  8. perspex is 
    hard , tough and clear and is used in shatterproof windows 
  9. PVA 
    dissolves in water and is used in hospital laundry bags 
  10. most polymers are buried with doemstic and industrial waste in
    landfill sites 
  11. putting polymers on landfill sites is 
    cheap and easy but can cause many problems . It is becoming more difficult to find places to put more landfill sites as we bury more and more rubbish . Also most polymers are not biodegradeable
  12. what does it mean if a polymer is not biodegradable 
    microorganisms cannot break them down , so they will not decompose , or rot away if they are buried 
  13. polymers burn well and a lot of polymer waste is burned in 
    incinerators . However carbon dioxide is produced when polymers are burnt , this contributes to global warmimg . In addition unless the conditons in the incinerator were controlled carefully to ensure there is enough oxygen from the air toxic gases including carbon monoxide are produced . However the heat produced can be used to generate electricity 
  14. most polymers can be recycled . Less
    crude oil and energy are used in recycling polymers than making them from raw materials . Also recycling avoids the problems caused by burning or burying waste polymers

    polymers must be seperated into their different types to be recycled . The sorting has to be done by hand and is time consuming and expensive 
  15. polymers are made from 
    crude oil
  16. crude oil can be used to produce 
    medicines , solvents , and detergents . we can also make much use of crude oil for fuels and to keep us warm and for transport
  17. fuels , polymers and other substances from crude oil have
    greatly improved our everyday lives . However the , the problems of disposal of some of these substances made from crude oil and the pollutants produced from their use as a fuel are problems we have to deal with as a society 
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