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  1. Muswell Hill Broadway
    Muswell Hill/Muswell Hill Road
  2. British Darts Organisation
    Pages Lane
  3. Raglan Hall Hotel
    Queens Avenue
  4. Muswell Hill Synagogue
  5. Saint Lukes Hospital
    Woodside Avenue
  6. Leighton Grove
    Leighton Road
  7. Carleton Road
    Leighton Grove
  8. Dalmeny Avenue
    Carlton Grove
  9. Islington TA
    Parkhurst Road
  10. Wood Vale
    Lordship Lane/Foresthill Road
  11. Lewisham London Irish Centre
    Davenport Road
  12. Batersea Power Station
    Kirtling Street
  13. Field Hospital TA SE17
    Braganza Street
  14. Treveris Street
    Chancel St/Bear Lane
  15. Ministry Of Justice
    Petty France
  16. Rupack Street SE16
    Brunel Road/St Marychurch Street
  17. Elephant Lane SE16
    St Marychurch Street
  18. Hospital for Saturday Fund
    Berge House Street
  19. Hatfields
    Upper Ground/Stamford Street/The Cut
  20. Central Gudwara Temple W11
    Queensdale Road
  21. King Square
    Lever Street EC1
  22. Pig's Ear PH
    Old Church Street/Paultons Street
  23. Nottinghill Gate Libary
    Pembridge Road
  24. Drunken Monkey Bar
    Shoreditch High Street
  25. Hollywell Lane
    Great Eastern Street/Curtin Road
  26. New Inn Yard
    Curtin Road
  27. King John Court
    New In Yard/Hollywell Lane
  28. Royal Foundation of Saint Kathrine
    Butcher Row
  29. Sise Lane
    Queen Victoria Street
  30. Pancras Lane EC4
    Sise Lane/Queen Street
  31. M&M World
    Wardour Street 10
  32. Hackney Synagouge
    Brenthouse Road
  33. Frampton Park Road
    Darnley Road/Well Street
  34. Tonga High Commison
    Molyneux Street
  35. Molyneux Street
    Horrowby Street/Crawford Street
  36. Brown Street W1
    Horrowby Street/Nutford Place
  37. Cambridge Grove W6
    King Street/Glenthorn Road
  38. Leamore Street
    King Street/Glenthorn Road
  39. City Spirint E1
    Dock Street
  40. Royal Mint Street
    Mansell Street/Dock Street
  41. Honk Kong Goverment Office
    Grafton Street
  42. Hemingford Road N1
    Roman Way/Copenhagen Street
  43. Jack Dash House
    Lawn House Close/Marsh Wall
  44. Trinity Gardens SW9
    Brighton Terrace/Acre Lane
  45. Trinity Gardens Turn Around
    Ferndale Rd R Nursery road L Shanon Grv L Turnstall Rd R Berney's Grv
  46. White Post Lane
    Carpenter Road/Rothbury Road
  47. TraveLodge Farringdon Hotel
    Gwynne Place
  48. Highgate School
    Southwood Lane /North Road
  49. Pier House
    Oakley Street
  50. Kathleen Street
    Lavender Hill/Latchmere Road
  51. Plantinium Medical Centre
    Lodge Road
  52. Plaisteres Hall
    London Wall
  53. Jay Mews
    Kensington Gore/Prince Consort Road
  54. Egypt Embassy
    South Street W1
  55. Garden Row
    London Road/St George's Road
  56. D'Eynsford Road Rd TA
    Kimpton Rd/Elmington Road/Lomond Grove/New Chruch/Bowyer Plce
  57. Medlar Street
    Camberwell New Road/Camberwell Rd
  58. Rich Lane SW5
    Warrick Road
  59. Lower Terrace
    Frognal Rise/Whitestone Walk
  60. Mark and Spencers HQ
    North Wharf Road
  61. Doytt Street
    New Oxford Street
  62. Bucknall Street
    Shaftesbury Avenue
  63. Arnold Road
    Bow Road
  64. Tomlin's Grove
    Arnold Road/Bow Road
  65. Elements Restaurant
    Greenwich High Road/Novotel
  66. Pineapple PH SE1
    Herculues Road
  67. Roupell Road
    Upper Tulse Hill/Cristchurch Road
  68. Aspers Casino
    Westfield Stratford/Montifitchet E15
  69. China White
    Winsley Street W1
  70. Magic FM/Mappin House
    Winsley Street W1
  71. Winsley Street W1
    Eastcastle Street/Oxford Street W1
  72. OLeary Square
    Adelina Grove E1
  73. Oops Club
    Alie Street E1
  74. Beach Blanket Babylon E1
    Bethnal Green Road E1
  75. London Wool & Fruit Exchange
    Brushfield Street E1
  76. Bishops Square
    Brushfield Street/Spital Square E1
  77. British Association for Early Childhood Education
    Cavell Street E1
  78. Ford Square
    Cavell Street E1
  79. English Martyrs Club
    Chamber Street E1
  80. Proof House
    Commercial Road E1
  81. Troxy Club
    Commercial Road E1
  82. Watney Market
    Commercial Road E1
  83. Tower Hamlets Car Pound
    Commercial Road E1
  84. Ibis Hotel E1
    Commercial Street E1
  85. Toynbee Hall
    Commercial Street E1
  86. Whitechapel Sports Centre
    Durward Street/in By Valance Road
  87. Royal Mint Court
    East Smithfield E1
  88. Ivory House E1
    East Smithfield/Saint Katherines Dock E1
  89. Shoreditch House Club
    Ebor Street E1
  90. East London Mosque
    Fieldgate Street/Whitechapel Road E1
  91. Underground Picture House
    Folgate Street/Water Poet restaurant E1
  92. Travelodge London City Hotel
    Harrow Place E1
  93. Old Dispensary PH
    Leman Street E1
  94. Whites Club E1
    Leman Street E1
  95. Genesis Cinema
    Mile End road E1
  96. Spital Square
    Norton Folgate E1
  97. Lane Bar
    Osborn Street E1
  98. Allen Gardens
    Pedley Street/Buxton Street E1
  99. Code Street
    Pedley Street/Buxton Street E1
  100. Royal Naval Reserve
    Saint Katharine�s Way E1
  101. Crowne Plaza Hotel Shoreditch
    Shoreditch High Street E1
  102. Galvin la Chapelle Restaurant
    Spital square E1
  103. Rosalind Green Hall
    Stepney Green E1
  104. John Orwell Sports Centre
    Tench Street In Bt Watts St off Wapping Lane
  105. Wapping Sports Centre
    Tench Street In Bt Watts St off Wapping Lane
  106. Jardine Road
    The High Way E1
  107. Aldgate East Station
    Whitechapel High Street E1
  108. Andrew Sketchley Theatre
    Whitechapel Road E1
  109. Blind Beggar PH
    Whitechapel Road E1
  110. Whitechapel Bell Foundry
    Whitechapel Road E1
  111. Whitechapel Station
    Whitechapel Road E1
  112. Booth House (salvation army)
    Whitechapel road E1
  113. City Apartments
    White Church Lane E1
  114. Rectory Square
    White Horse Lane E1
  115. Rainbow Sports Bar
    Shoreditch High Street E1
  116. Light Bar E1
    Shoreditch High Street E1
  117. Clerks House
    Shoreditch High Street E1
  118. Dream Bags and Jaguar Shoes
    Kingsland Road
  119. Purdy Hicks Gallery
    Hopton Street
  120. Gregs Table
    Bermondsey Square Hotel
  121. Lambeth Pier
    Lambeth Palace Road
  122. Tower Bridge Magistrates Court
    Tooley Street
  123. Tyers Gate
    Bermondsey Street
  124. Fitzroy Lodge Boxing Club
    Lambeth Road
  125. Red Bull HQ
    Tooley Street
  126. Tower Bridge Police Station
    Tooley Street
  127. Saint Olaf House
    Tooley Street
  128. Grand Union Bar and Dinner
    Acre Lane
  129. Beehive Place
    Brixton Road/Brixton Station Road
  130. SouthLondon Liberal Synagogue
    Prentis Road
  131. Becmead Road
    Streatham High Road
  132. Ockley Road
    Prentis Road/Woodbourne Avenue
  133. Pavilion Medical Centre/Piano House
    Brighton Terrace
  134. L'Estaminet Restaurant
    Comercial Street/Ibis Hotel
  135. Traingle Place
    Clapham Park Road/Nelsons Row
  136. Grays Inn
    High Holborn/Grays Inn Road
  137. Cow Saloon Bar and Dinning Rooms
    Westbourne Park Road
  138. Abercrombie and Fitch
    Burlington Gardens
  139. Camera Club
    Bowden Street
  140. Crusing Association
    Northey Street
  141. Camera Club ( How to leave)
    Bowden St F Methley St R Milverton St L Ravensdon St L R Kennington Pk Rd
  142. Peacock Theatre (How to leave)
    LoL Portugal Street L Porstmouth Street L Sardinia Street or Linchons Inn Fields
  143. Land Registry Office
    Lincons Inn Fields
  144. Old Curiosity Shop
    Portsmouth Street
  145. Angel Spa and Sun Beds
    Broadlove Lane
  146. Altab Ali Park
    Whitechapel Road/Alder Street
  147. King David Lane
    The Highway/Cable Street
  148. Brewers Hall
    Aldermanbury Square
  149. Grange Tower Bridge Hotel
    Prescot Street
  150. Syria Embassy
    Belgrave square
  151. Double Tree London Victoria
    Bridge place
  152. Portcullis House
    Bridge street
  153. Falkland House SW1
  154. Big Bus Company
    Buckingham Palace Road
  155. Clabdon Mews
    Cadogan square
  156. Hilton Hotel Trafalgar
    Cockspur street/Spring gardens
  157. Premier Inn SW1
    Eccleston Square/Gillingham Street
  158. Mango Tree Restaurant
    Hobart place
  159. Francis Street
    Howick place/Vauxhall bridge road
  160. Chicago Rib Shack Restaurant
  161. Lanesborough Hotel
    Lanesborough place/Knightsbridge
  162. Bamboo Basket Restaurant
    Monck street
  163. National Trust
    Queen Annes Gate
  164. London Irish Cadets SW1
    Rochester row
  165. National Bank of Dubai
    Sloane Street
  166. Rib Room Restaurant
    Sloane street
  167. Footstall Restaurant
    Smith Square
  168. Haymarket Hotel
    Suffolk Place
  169. Mint Leaf Restaurant
    Suffolk place
  170. University of Notre Dame in London
    Suffolk street
  171. Jugged Hare PH
    Vauxhall bridge road
  172. Tattershall Castle
    Victoria embankment
  173. Parnell House
    Wilton road
  174. The 2 Cherubs On the Phone
    Temple Place
  175. Chile Embassy
    Old Queen Street
  176. Windermere Hotel
    Warwick Way
  177. Upper Thackbrook Street
    Vauxhall Bridge Road/Rochester Row
  178. Comfort Inn Victoria
    St George's Drive
  179. Ship Inn PH
    Jews Row
  180. Magdelan Park Bowling Club
    Magdalen Road
  181. Steel House
    Balham High Road
  182. Sonny's Restaurant
    Church Road
  183. Capital Hotel
    Basil street
  184. Levin Hotel
    Basil street
  185. Knightsbridge Hotel
    Beaufort Gardens
  186. Parker Hotel
    Beaufort Gardens
  187. Claverly Court Apartments
    Beaufort Gardens
  188. Irish Passport and Visa Office
    Brompton Road/Montpelier house
  189. Admiral Codrington PH
    Mossop Street
  190. Milner Street
    Cadogan square/Denyer street
  191. Geales Restaurant SW3
    Cale street
  192. Wellington Square
    Kings road
  193. Jubilee Place
    Kings Road/Cale street
  194. Petyt Place
    Old church street
  195. Phene PH
    Phene street
  196. Ziani Restaurant
    Radnor Walk/
  197. General Trading Company
    Symons street
  198. Tedworth Square
    Tedworth gardens
  199. Ovington Square
    Walton Street/Ovington Gardens
  200. Tooting Library
    Mitcham Road
  201. Spymaster
    Portman Square
  202. Sale e Pepe Restaurant
    Pavilion Rd
  203. Colombia Embassy
    Hans Cresent
  204. Knightsbridge Fire Station
    Basil street
  205. Peru Embassy
    Sloane Street
  206. Danish Embassy
    Sloane Street
  207. Iceland Embassy
    Hans Street
  208. Mu Restaurant
    Sloane Street/Millenuim Hotel
  209. Tangerine Vafe
    Sloane Street/Millenuim Hotel
  210. Millenium Hotel Knigthsbridge
    Sloane Street
  211. Venezuella Embassy
    Exibition Road
  212. Larkhall Park
    Courland Grove/Union Grove
  213. Lucan Place
    Petyward/Ixworth Place/Fulham Road
  214. Brooks Mews
    Avery Row/Davies street
  215. King Edward VII Hospital for Officers
    Beaumont street
  216. Arab African Bank/Zenith Bank
    Berkeley square
  217. Semplice Restaurant
    Blenheim Street in By New Bond Street
  218. Marmaid Hotel
    Blenheim Street in By New Bond Street
  219. Sartoria Restaurant
    New Burlington Street
  220. La Petite Maison Restaurant
    Brook's Mews
  221. Square Restaurant
    Bruton street
  222. Cecconis Restaurant
    Burlington Gardens
  223. Ernest Bewin Collage
    Beachcroft Road
  224. Royal College of Nursing
    Cavendish square
  225. Nuffield Heath Centre
    Sheepcote Lane
  226. Battersea Park Collage
    Dagnal Street
  227. Scotch Whisky Association
    Cork street
  228. Maya Restaurant 1A
    Dean street
  229. Saint Annes Court W1
    Dean street
  230. Babel Bar SW11
    Nortcote Road
  231. The Merchant PH
    Battersea Rise
  232. John Aird Court
    Howley Place
  233. Hootananny PH
    Brixton Water Lane/Efra Road
  234. Punchbowl PH
    Farm street
  235. Shard's Square
    Peckham Park Road
  236. Hazlitts Hotel
    Frith street
  237. Grosvenor Chapel
    South Audley Street
  238. Arang Restaurant
    Golden square
  239. Mayfair Library
    South Audley Street
  240. Fino's Restaurant
    Mount Street Mews
  241. Jokey Fields
    Teobalds Road/In by Red Lion Street R Sandland Street
  242. Le Bouchan Restaurant Bar SW11
    Battersea Rise
  243. Semley Place
    Buckingham Palace Road/Ebury Street
  244. Cundy Street
    Ebury Square/Ebury Street
  245. Le Rififi Club
    Hay Hill
  246. De Hems PH 11
    Macclesfield street
  247. Newburgh Street
    Ganton Street/Marshall Street
  248. Rex Place
    Mount Street/South street
  249. Crystal Club
    Wells street
  250. Finsbury Tower
    Bunhill Row
  251. Dufferin Street
    Bunhill Row/Whitecross Street
  252. Foxley Road
    Camaberwell New Road/Vassall Road
  253. Thomson Avenue TA
    L Sultan Street R Crown Street L or R Wyndham Rd
  254. Turnpike Lane Bus Garage
    Carlingford Road/Green Lanes
  255. Peckham Mosque
    Cobourg Road R Trafalgar Ave R Nile Terrace R Oakley Place
  256. Le Cordon Bleu
    Bloomsbury square
  257. Avonmore Hotel
    Cartwright gardens
  258. Euro Hotel
    Cartwright gardens
  259. Harlingford Hotel
    Cartwright gardens
  260. Cresent Hotel
    Cartwright gardens
  261. Generator Hostel
    Compton place
  262. Fleet Square
    Cubitt street
  263. Wells Square
    Cubitt street
  264. Siera Lion High Commios
    Eagle street
  265. Leukaemia Research Fund
    Eagle street
  266. Institute of Measurement & Control
    Gower street
  267. Corams Fields
    Guilford street
  268. Sandwich Street
    Hastings street/leigh street
  269. Mccann Erickson Advertising
    Herbrand street
  270. Pearl Restaurant and Bar
    High holborn
  271. London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
    Keppel street
  272. Birkbeck College
    Malet street
  273. King Edward VII Gallery
    Montague place
  274. West Central Street
    Museum street
  275. October Gallery
    Old Gloucester Street
  276. Oriental African Studies School of
    Russell square
  277. Weiner Library
    Russell square
  278. German Luthern Church (St Marys)
    Sandwich street
  279. Building Centre
    South Crescent/Store street
  280. County Hotel
    Upper Woburn Place
  281. Ambosaders Hotel
    Upper Woburn Place
  282. Saint Pancras Church
    Upper Woburn Place
  283. Finsbury Tower
    Bunhill Row
  284. Dufferin Street
    Bunhill Row/Whitecross Street
  285. Red Lion PH SW1
    Parliament Street
  286. School Of Scince
    Russell square
  287. Tavistock Hotel
    Tavistock Place
  288. Cubitt Street
    Fredercik Street/Pakenham Street
  289. Cheshire Hotel
    Great Russel Street
  290. Adeline Place
    Great Russel Street/Bedford Square
  291. Grafton Place
    Evershot Street/Euston Road
  292. Thistle Kingsley Hotel
    Bloomsbury Way
  293. The Bountiful Cow Restaurant
    Eagle Street/Dane Street
  294. Traffic Bar
    Vernon Place
  295. Korean Cultural Center
    Northumberland Avenue
  296. Uganda House
    Cockspur Street
  297. Lock Hatters
    St James's Street
  298. Philippine Embassy
    Suffok Street
  299. Rockerfella Building
    University Street
  300. Grant Museum of Zoology
    University Street
  301. Sanate House
    Russell Square/Malet Street
  302. University Of London Union
    Malet street
  303. Dilk House
    Malet street
  304. St Bride Tavern
    Bridewell Place
  305. Apex Tample Court Hotel
    Fleet Street/Sergants Inn
  306. Sergants Inn
    Pleydell Street/Lombard Lane/Temple Lane

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