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  1. Crisis
    Acute, time-limited event expereinced as over whelming emotional reaction
  2. Crisis is self ......
    self- limiting (4-6 wks)
  3. What are the types of crisis??
    • Maturational
    • Situational
    • Adventitious
  4. What is Maturational Crisis??
    Related to identified developmental stages occuring throughout life

    • •Each new stage requires new coping mechanisms
    • –Examples
    • •Marriage, birth of a child, retirement   

  5. What is Situational Crisis??
    –Arises from external rather than internal source; usually unanticipated

    • –Examples
    • •Loss of job, death of loved one, change in financial status, divorce
  6. What is Adventitious Crisis
    • –Crisis or disaster not part of everyday life
    • –Arise from

    •Natural disaster (floods, fires, earthquakes)

    •National disaster (acts of terrorism, war, riots, airplane crashes)

    •Crime of violence (rape, assault, murder in workplace/school, bombing in crowded areas, abuse)
  7. Describe Phase 1 of Crisis
    person is confronted by conflict or problem that threatens self-concept and causes anxiety
  8. What is Phase 2 of Crisis
    if usual defensive response fails and threat persists, anxiety continues to rise
  9. What is phase 3 of Crisis
    if trial-and-error attempts fail, anxiety can escalate to panic levels
  10. What is phase 4 of Crisis
    • •if problem is not solved and new coping
    • skills are ineffective, anxiety can overwhelm person

    • –Serious personality disorganization, depression, confusion, violence
    • against self/other can occur
  11. What is the Ultamite goal in Crisis??
    Ultimate goal is to keep pt safe and getting them back to  a precrisis
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