Deciduous id. 5

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    Rhus glabra

    Smooth Sumac

    Zone 3

    Non-fuzzy sumac, leaves 8-10", fruit/fall color specimin, hard red berries and red fall color, tends to sucker. Grows 10-15' high and wide.
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    Rhus typhina

    Staghorn Sumac

    Zone 4

    Xeric, firey red fall color, leaf shape large 10-12" leaves in length, pinnate, serrated leaflets, fuzzy new growth, kink of a tropical feel, white flower cluster, red 1/4" berries in clusters, hard fruit. Grows 15-20' high and wide.
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    Rhus aromatica

    Fragrant Sumac

    Zone 3

    Smells kinda like a stinky form of fennel, small red dry berries, fall red firey color, 3 leaflets, used in massing. Grows 3-6' high and wide.
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    Vitus spp.


    Zone 4

    Tendril vine, fast growing, grown for edible fruit, and as arbor trellising, fruit comes in red, green, purple, white, and brown. Comes in all fall colors. Grows 25-100' long 50-100' long for common usage.
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    Sambucus canadensis


    Zone 4

    More upright leaves see cane structure, pinnate leaves, soft wood in middle of hardwood, med-fast growth rate, blooms summer, massing/screening, edible berries. Grows 10-20' high and wide.
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    Sambucus canadensis 'Aurea'

    Golden Elderberry

    Zone 4

    Same as regular elderberry just yellow coloring, reddish purple fruit, white flower. Grows 10-20' high and wide.
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    Sambucus nigra

    Black Elderberry

    Zone 4

    Pinnate dark leaves, caney, specimin for color, med-fast growth rate, blooms in summer, clustering umbrella, not strong purplish flower color, purplish fruit, wild feel, massing/screening. Grows 10-20' high and wide.
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    Tilia cordata

    Littleleaf Linden

    Zone 3

    Smaller leaf, odd heart shaped leaf, yellow fall color, deltoidy shaped tree, has berries with helicopter to help it to the ground. Grows 30-40' high and 20-30' wide.
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    Tilia americana

    American Linden

    Big leaves, odd heart shaped leaf, bigger helicopter wings, more berries. Grows 60-80' high and 40-50' wide.
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    Potentilla fruticosa

    Potentilla/ Shrubby Cinquefoil

    Zone 2

    one of top 5 mtn. state landscaped plant, xeric, known for flower, blooms summer-fall, comes in several colors, yellow most common flower color, come in white, pink, yellow, and orange, specimin for flower, massing, small leaves. Grows 2-4' high and wide.
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    Polygonum aubertii

    Silver Lace Vine

    Zone 5

    twining, vigorous, really aggressive, small white flowers, super thin leaf, flowers grow massed together like lace, grows 3'/yr. Grows 30-40' long.
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    Stewartia pseudocamilla

    Japanese Stewartia

    Zone 6

    Woody shrub, known for flakey bark with different color tones (brown-brown green), large flower in summer, orange red fall color, needs acidic soil. Grows 20-30' high and wide.
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    Prunus cerasifera

    Purple leaf flowering plum

    Zone 5

    Ball shaped, among the top 5 most landscaped tree in the nation, spring blooming should be a black purple color, cultivars based on purple shades, pink pencil eraser sized blossom, fragrant, hard woody bark, fruitless is ideal because of messiness. Grows 20-30' high and wide.
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    Prunus glandulosa

    Dwarf Flowering Almond

    Zone 4

    Willow like leaf, soft pink rosette blosssoms, blooms early spring. Grows 4-6' high and wide.
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    Prunus maackii

    Amur Chokecherry

    Zone 3

    Astringent fruit, short racemes. small leaves, orangy coppery peely bark, white blossoms, fragrant spring blossoms, orange yellow fall color. Grows 20-30' high and 20' wide.
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    Prunus nigra 'Princess Kay'

    Princess Kay Plum

    Zone 2

    Long leaf tip, dark trunk, known as one of the hardiest of the prunus, known for its white rosette umbrella clusterings of fragrant flowers, blooms early spring, edible (except for pits, leaves, or twigs/bark) orange fall color. Grows 20-30' high and wide.
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    Prunus padus

    May day Tree

    Zone 3

    Looks the canadensis, green, white raceme flower clustering, larger fruit/flower, nice fragrance, blooms in spring, fruit really astringent, greyish bark. Grows 20-30' high and 20-40' wide.
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    Prunus serrulata

    Flowering Cherry

    Zone 5

    Best flowering tree, known for flower, generally fruitless, a lot of cultivars, really long tip and serrated margins, usually grafted (helps with scalding issues) keep the suckers off to keep the standard pure. Grows 15-20' tall and 20' wide.
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    Prunus subhirtella 'Pendula'

    Weeping Cherry

    Zone 5

    Weeping flowery cherry, single blossom, soft pink blossom, yellowish fall color. Grows 20-30' high and 15-20' wide.
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