principles of disease

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  1. What are the two main categories of immunity?
  2. Non-specific immunity is comprised of which elements?
  3. What is species resistance?
  4. Name the mechanical and chemical barriers of non-specific immune systems
  5. What is the 2nd line of defense?
  6. Name four signs of inflammation.
  7. Which cells are at work during phagocytosis?
  8. How do T-cells work?
  9. How do B-cells work?
  10. What is the job of Macrophages?
  11. What is the diffrence between natural and artifical immunity?
  12. What is the difference between Passive and Active immunity?
  13. What is Pansystemic disease?
  14. Feline panluekopenia virus is also called?
  15. What type of virus is feline panluekopenia?
  16. What tissue shed panlukopena?
  17. What animals can panluekopenia infect?
  18. Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is what type of virus?
  19. Explain wet and dry forms of FIP?
  20. How do we test for FIP?
  21. Feline Leukemia (FeLV) is what type of virus?
  22. What are the tree categories of FeLV?
  23. How should we test for FeLV?
  24. What are the pitfalls of microwell testing?
  25. Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) is what type of virus?
  26. Who are at high risk for FIV?
  27. Toxoplasmosis is what kind of organism?
  28. Who, zoonoticly, is at risk for toxoplasmosis?
  29. What drug is used to treat toxplasmosis?
  30. What type of sample do you send to lab for a titer test for toxoplasmosis?
  31. K-9 distemper is what type of virus?
  32. Name four target organs/system of k-9 distemper.
  33. Discribe parvovirus
  34. What are fomites?
  35. What does supportive care mean?
  36. What organism causes Rocky Mt Spotted fever?
  37. What is a vector?
  38. When are pets more likely to contact the rocky mt spotted fever?
  39. Equine infectious anemia (EIA) is also called?
  40. What vector spreads EIA?
  41. What test confirms EIA?
  42. Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD) is what type of virus?
  43. What are the two forms of BVD?
  44. What systems can BVD affect?
  45. Rabies is what type of virus?
  46. How is rabies spread?
  47. What are the three stages of rabies?
  48. How do you test for rabies?
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