Business of Fashion

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  1. Market
    The place or area in which buyers and sellers meet for the purpose of trading ownership of goods at wholesale prices
  2. Market center
    A geographic center for the creation and production of fashion merchandise, as well as for exchanging ownership
  3. Market Weeks
    Scheduled periods throughout the year during which producers and their sales reps introduce new lines for the upcoming season to retail buyers
  4. Mart
    A building or building complex housing both permanent and transient showrooms of producers and their sales reps
  5. 3 things to keep haute couture alive
    • 1. franchising
    • 2. licensing
    • 3. pret-a-porter lines
  6. China famous for
    raw materials & finished products
  7. Why do retailers import
    • create product distinction
    • increase profit
  8. specification buying
    purchasing done to the store`s standards
  9. 5 rights of retailing
    • right merchandise
    • at the right price
    • in the right place
    • at the right time
    • in the right quantities
  10. Categories of services at auxiliary level
    • 1. Media
    • 2. Agencies
    • 3. Store designers
    • 4. Information services
    • 5. Buying/Merchanding organizations

  11. Media categories
    • 1. Advertising
    • 2. Publicity
    • 3. Public relations
  12. Accelerating factors
    • Increased buying power
    • Leisure time
    • Education
    • Women`s status
    • Technological advances
    • Sales promotion
    • Seasonal changes
  13. Retarding factors
    • Habit & custom
    • Religion
    • Nature of merchandise
    • Decreased buying power-recession
  14. Predicting the movement of fashion. Fashion forecasters must:
    • 1. Distinguish current factors trends
    • 2. Estimate how widespread they are
    • 3. Determine when these fashions will appeal to the firms target customer groups
  15. Predicting the movement of fashion
    • Identifying trends
    • Sources of data
    • Interpreting influential factors
    • Current events
    • Prophetic styles
    • Importance of timing
  16. Influential
    A person whose advice is sought by associates. Their adoption of a new style gives it prestige among a group.
  17. Fashion inovator
    A person first to try out a new style.

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