Plant Reproduction and Classification

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  1. Alternation of generations
    a reproductive cycle in which a gamete producing or gametophyte phase alterations with a 2n zygote, 2n multicellular, or 2n sporophyte phase. In plants, it is a reproductive cycle in which a haploid, diploid, or ployploid phase produces gametes. These gametes after fusion or syngamy form a zygote that is diploid or polyploid, and this sporophyte develops to some point and produces meiospores. The meiospores develops into the gametophyte. 
  2. antheridium
    multicellular sperm producing structure produced by bryophytes and ferns. It is comprimised of spermatogenous cells and sterile jacket layer. 
  3. archegonium
    a multicellular structure in which a single egg is produced; found in bryophytes and some vascular plants, including ferns and conifers. 
  4. gamete
    haploid or euploid sex cells produced from 
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