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  1. Tooting Police Station
    Mitcham Road SW17
  2. Tooting Bec Lido
    Tooting Bec Road SW16
  3. Tooting Ath Ground
    Tooting Bec Road SW17
  4. Barringer Square
    Franciscan Road SW17
  5. Dr Johnson Ave
    Tooting Bec Road/Hillbury Rd SW17
  6. White Eagle Club
    211 Balham High Rd SW17
  7. Balham Youth Court
    217 Balham High Rd SW17
  8. Du Cane Court
    Balham High Rd SW17
  9. Ferraris Restaurant SW17
    (Now Locale) Balham High Rd/ Ritherdon Rd
  10. Balham Leisure Centre
    Elmfield Rd SW12
  11. Balham Station
    Balham Station Rd SW12
  12. Balham Tup PH
    (now the regent) Chestnut Grove SW12
  13. Balham Mosque
    Old Devonshire Rd SW12
  14. Clapham South Station
    Balham Hill/Nightingale Lane SW4
  15. Firefly Bar
    (now Rookery) 69 Clapham Common South Side SW4
  16. Trinity Hospice
    Clapham Common North Side SW4
  17. Macauly Square
    Macauly Rd SW4
  18. Trinity Restaurant
    The Polygon SW4
  19. Clapham Common Station
    The Pavement SW4
  20. Clapham Common Cab Rank
    The Pavement SW4
  21. Grafton House Restaurant
    13-19 Old Town SW4
  22. Grafton Square
    Old Town SW4
  23. Maritime House
    Old Town SW4
  24. Clapham Fire Station
    Old Town SW4
  25. Clapham Picture House
    Venn Street SW4
  26. Bison & Bird
    182 Clapham High Street SW4
  27. La Rueda Restaurant
    68 Clapham High Street SW4
  28. Bodeanos Restaurant
    169 Clapham High Street SW4
  29. Revolutions
    95 Clapham High Street SW4
  30. Clapham High Street Station
    Voltaire Rd SW4
  31. Clapham North Station
    Clapham High Street SW4
  32. Stockwell Station
    Clapham Rd SW9
  33. Stockwell Bus Garage
    Binfield Rd SW8
  34. Albert Square
    Clapham Rd SW8
  35. Musicians Union
    60 Clapham Rd SW9
  36. Oval Station
    Kennington Park Road SE11
  37. Lambeth County Court
    Cleaver Street SE11
  38. Cleaver Square
    Cleaver Street SE11
  39. Camera Club
    16 Bowden Street SE11
  40. Walcot Square
    Kennington Road / Sullivan Road SE11
  41. Charing Cross Station
    Strand WC2
  42. Rules Restaurant
    35 Maiden Lane WC2
  43. Covent Garden St
    Long Acre WC2
  44. The Ivy
    1 West St WC2
  45. London Coliseum
    Saint Martins Lane WC2
  46. Hilton Hotel Waldorf
    Aldwych WC2
  47. Peacock Theatre
    Portugal Street WC2
  48. Law Society
    113 Chancery Lane WC2
  49. Royal Courts of Justice
    Strand WC2
  50. Swiss Howard Hotel
    12 Temple Place WC2
  51. Elephant & Castle Station
    Elephant Road SE17
  52. Kennington Station
    Braganza St SE17
  53. White Bear Theatre Pub
    Kennington Park Rd SE11
  54. Type Museum
    100 Hackford Rd SW9
  55. Jamm Bar
    261 Brixton Rd SW9
  56. Brixton Academy
    Stockwell Rd SW9
  57. Brixton Police Station
    Gresham Rd SW9
  58. Plan B Bar
    418 Brixton Rd SW9
  59. Brixton Station
    Brixton Rd SW9
  60. Ritzy Cinema
    Effra Rd SW9
  61. Brixton Cab Rank
    Brixton Oval SW9
  62. Tate Library Brixton
    Effra Rd SW9
  63. St Georges Hospital
    Blackshaw Rd SW17
  64. National Blood Service
    Cranmer Terrace SW17
  65. Lambeth Cemetery
    Blackshaw Rd SW17
  66. Wimbledon Dog Track
    Plough Lane SW17
  67. Tooting Leisure Centre
    Greaves Place SW17
  68. Streatham Cemetery
    Garratt Lane SW17
  69. Springfield Hospital
    Glenburnie Rd SW17
  70. Tooting Bec Station
    Tooting Bec Rd SW17
  71. Chez Bruce Restaurant sw17
    2 Belluve Rd
  72. Wandsworth Common Station
    Station Yard SW12
  73. Home For Aged Jews
    Nightingale lane sw12
  74. Nightingale Square
    Endlesham Rd sw12
  75. High Trees House
    Nightingale lane sw12
  76. Bonne Wille Christian Centre
    Honeybrook Rd/Poynders RD sw12
  77. Abbeville Rd
    Cavendish Rd/Clapham Pk RD sw4
  78. Tooties
    (now dexters) 36 Abbeville Rd sw4
  79. White House Restaurant
    Clapham Pk Rd sw4
  80. Whites Square
    Nelson row sw4
  81. Rebatos Spanish restaurant
    169 South Lambeth Rd sw8
  82. Comfort inn Vauxhall Hotel
    Old south Lambeth Rd sw8
  83. British Interplanetary Society
    27 South Lambeth Rd sw8
  84. Vauxhall Station
    Bondway....in Parry St/ out Sth Lambeth Place sw8
  85. Bonnington Square sw8
    Vauxhall Grove/Langley lane
  86. Kennington Oval
    Harleyford st/Harleyford rd se11
  87. Kennington Sports Centre
    Kennington Oval se11
  88. Surrey County Cricket Club
    Kennington Oval se11
  89. Edinburgh House se11
    kennington Lane se11
  90. Hurley Clinic se11
    Kennington lane se11
  91. Lobster pot Restaurant
    3 Kennington lane se11
  92. West square
    Geraldine St/Austral st se11
  93. Playhouse Theatre
    Northumberland Ave wc2
  94. Cleopatras Needle
    Victoria Embankment wc2
  95. Edgar Wallace PH
    Essex St wc2
  96. London School Of Economics
    Houghton Street wc2
  97. Sir Johns Soanes Museum
    13 Lincolns Inn Fields wc2
  98. Royal College Of Surgeons
    35-43 Lincolns in Fields wc2
  99. Queen Chapel Of The Savoy
    Savoy Hill wc2
  100. Vaudeville Theatre
    404 Strand wc2
  101. Adelphi Theatre
    Strand wc2
  102. Heart FM
    Leicester SQ wc2
  103. Pheonix Theatre
    pheonix ST wc2
  104. Mountbatten Hotel
    (now mercer St hotel) Monmouth St wc2
  105. Donmar Warehouse
    41 Earlham St wc2
  106. Noel Coward Theatre
    St Martins lane wc2
  107. Pineapple Dance Studio
    Langley St wc2
  108. English natural opera
    St Martins lane/Colliseum Theatre wc2
  109. Royal opera House
    Bow St wc2
  110. Fortune Theatre
    Russell St wc2
  111. Sarastro Restaurant
    126 Dury Lane wc2
  112. New London Theatre
    Parker St wc2
  113. Black Prince Rd se11
    Albert Embankment
  114. Hidden Club
    100 Tinworth St se11
  115. Graphite Sq
    Vauxhall walk se11
  116. Penisula Heights
    Albert Embankment SE11
  117. Tintagle House
    Albert Embankment SE11
  118. YMCA Lambeth
    40 Stockwell Rd sw9
  119. Stockwell Park Road
    Rumsey Rd SW9
  120. Lambeth Hospital
    Landor Rd SW9
  121. Landor Theatre
    Landor Rd sw9
  122. Lambeth Town Hall
    Brixton Hill sw2
  123. Fridge Nightclub
    Town Hall Parade (brixton hill) sw2
  124. Brixton windmill
    Blenheim Gardens sw2
  125. Brixton prison
    Jebb Ave sw2
  126. Ceasers Nightclub
    156-160 Streatham High rd sw2
  127. Streatham Hill Station
    Streatham Hill sw16
  128. South London Press
    2 Leigham Ct Rd sw16
  129. Leigham Clinic
    76 Leigham Ct rd sw16
  130. Odeon Streatham
    47 Streatham High Rd sw16
  131. Streatham Police Station
    Shrubbery Rd sw16
  132. Streatham Station
    streatham high Rd sw16
  133. Streatham Ice Rink
    Streatham High Rd sw16
  134. Streatham Kart Racetrack
    Streatham High Rd sw16
  135. Streatham pool
    Streatham High Rd sw16
  136. Streatham Common Station
    Estreham rd sw16
  137. Rookery Theatre
    Covington way sw16
  138. British Home & Hospital For Incurables
    Crown Lane sw16
  139. Beulah Hill
    Knights Hill se19
  140. Virgo Fidelis Convent School
    147 Central Hill se19
  141. Gypsy Hill Police Station
    Central Hill se19
  142. Joanna's Restaurant
    56A Westow Hill se19
  143. Crystal Palace
    Crystal Palace Parade se19
  144. Crystal Palace Parade
    College Road se19
  145. Crystal Palace Camping Site
    Westwood Hill/ Old Cople Lane se19
  146. Astra Palace Hotel
    2 Sydenham Hill se19
  147. Kingswood library
    Seely Drive se21
  148. West Dulwich Station
    Thurlow Park Road se21
  149. Dulwich College
    College Road se19
  150. Dulwich & Sydenham Golf Club
    Grange Lane se21
  151. Marlborough Cricket Club
    Dulwich Common se21
  152. Barcelona Tapas Bar
    481 Lordship Lane se22
  153. Dulwich library
    Eynella Road se22
  154. Firemans Alley
    Lordship Lane se22
  155. East Dulwich Police Station
    Lordship Lane se22
  156. East Dulwich Station
    Grove Vale se22
  157. Dulwich Hamlet FC
    Edgar Kail Way se5
  158. Fisher Athletic FC
    Edgar Kail Way se5
  159. Denmark Hill Station
    Windsor Walk se5
  160. William Booth Memorial College
    Champion Park se5
  161. Faraday Building
    Denmark Hill se5
  162. Maudsley Hospital
    Denmark Hill se5
  163. Kings College Hospital
    Denmark Hill / Bessemer Rd se5
  164. Walworth Police Station
    Manor Place se17
  165. Dragon Castle Restaurant
    100 Walworth Rd se17
  166. London Bridge Station
    Railway Approach/ London Bridge St se1
  167. Southwark Crown Court
    English Grounds se1
  168. Guys Hospital
    Great Maze pond se1
  169. Shakespeare New Globe Theatre
    New Globe Walk se1
  170. Tate Modern
    Holland Street se1
  171. Oxo Tower
    Barge House Street se1
  172. Waterloo Station
    Cab Rd se1
  173. London Eye
    Jubilee Gardens se1
  174. Imperial War Museum
    Lambeth Rd se1
  175. Novotel Waterloo Hotel
    113 Lambeth Rd se1
  176. Sherlock Holmes PH
    10 Northumberland St WC2
  177. Royal Society of Art
    John Adam St wc2
  178. Going Home Cab Rank
    (Now Haymarket) Cranbourne St wc2
  179. Comedy Theatre
    Panton St wc2
  180. Thistle Trafalgar Square Hotel
    Whitcomb St wc2
  181. Radison Edwardian Hampshire Hotel
    48 Leicester Square wc2
  182. Wyndham Theatre
    Charing Cross Rd wc2
  183. Palace Theatre
    Cambridge Circus wc2
  184. Foyles Book Shop
    Charing Cross Rd wc2
  185. Incognico Restaurant
    117 Shaftesbury Ave wc2
  186. Shaftesbury Theatre
    Princes Circus / High Holburn wc2
  187. Belgo Central
    50 Earlham Street wc2
  188. Tristan Bates Theatre
    Tower Street wc2
  189. Equlity (British Actors Equity Assoc)
    5 Upper St Martins Lane � Guild House wc2
  190. Sheeky's restaurant
    St Martins Court/ St Martins Lane wc2
  191. Stringfellows
    16 Upper St Martins Lane wc2
  192. Charing Cross Police Station
    Agar Street wc2
  193. Lady Magazine
    Bedford Street wc2
  194. Porters Bar & restaurant
    Henrietta Street wc2
  195. Savoy Theatre
    Savoy Court wc2
  196. Strand Palace Hotel
    372 Strand / Exeter St wc2
  197. Joe Allen restaurant
    13 Exeter St wc2
  198. Ivor Novello Theatre
    Aldwych wc2
  199. Duchess Theatre
    Catherine St wc2
  200. Civil Aviation Authority
    Kingsway / Kemble St wc2
  201. Kingsway Hall Hotel
    Great Queen St wc2
  202. Lincolns Inn Fields
    Remnant St / Serle St wc2
  203. British American Tobacco
    Temple Place wc2
  204. Somerset House
    152 Strand wc2
  205. London Silver Vaults
    Southampton buildings wc2
  206. King & Queen Street
    Browning St / East St se17
  207. East Street Market
    East St se17
  208. Surrey Square
    Surrey Terrace / Alsace Rd se17
  209. Albany Rd
    Old Kent Rd / Camberwell Rd SE5
  210. Liverpool Grove
    Walworth Rd se17
  211. Cuming Museum
    Walworth Rd se17
  212. Lorrimore Square
    Chapter Rd se17
  213. Burgess Pk
    Albany Rd se5
  214. Lynn AC Boxing Club
    Wellsway se5
  215. Rust Square
    Kitson Rd se5
  216. Blue Elephant Theatre
    59 Thompson Ave se5
  217. Onion Shed Theatre
    Lothian Rd sw9
  218. Calais Gate
    Cormont Rd se5
  219. Black Roof House
    Knatchbull Rd se5
  220. Minet library
    Knatchbull Rd se5
  221. Flaxman Leisure Centre
    Carew St se5
  222. Camberwell Magistrates Court
    Deynsford Rd se5
  223. Camberwell Leisure Centre
    Artichoke Place se5
  224. New Dome Hotel
    51-53 Camberwell Church St se5
  225. Institute of Psychiatry
    De Crespingy Park se5
  226. Fox on the Hill PH
    Denmark Hill se5
  227. 3 Monkeys Restaurant
    (now pizza express) Milkwood Rd / Herne Hill se24
  228. Herne Hill Station
    Railton Rd se24
  229. Brockwell Lido
    Dulwich Rd se24
  230. Shakespear Rd se24
    Coldharbour Lane / Dulwich Rd se24
  231. Olleys Fish N Chips se24
    69 Norwood Rd se24
  232. Humes South London Botanical centre
    323 Norwood Rd se24
  233. Tulse Hill Station
    Station Rise se27
  234. Tonge House
    Royal Circus se27
  235. Royal Circus
    Landsdowne Hill se27
  236. Garrat Lane sw18
    Mitcham Rd / Wandsworth High St sw18
  237. Wimbledon Cemetary
    Gap Rd sw19
  238. Wimbledon Magistrates Court
    Alexandra Rd sw19
  239. Wimbledon Station
    Wimbledon Bridge sw19
  240. Ski Club of G.B sw19
    57 � 63 Church Rd sw19
  241. All England Lawn & Tennis
    Church Rd sw19
  242. Thistle Cannizaro House Hotel
    Hanford Row sw19
  243. Vatican Embassy
    54 Parkside sw19
  244. Parkside Hospital
    Parkside sw19
  245. Wimbledon Windmill Museum
    Windmill Rd sw19
  246. Queen Marys Hospital
    Roehampton Lane sw15
  247. Toland Square
    Roehampton Lane sw15
  248. Bank of England Sports Ground
    Bank Lane sw15
  249. Lawn Tennis Association
    100 Priory Lane sw15
  250. Priory Hospital
    Priory Lane sw15
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