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  1. liverpool st
    bishopsgate/blomfield st ec2
  2. ubs warburg
    100 liverpool st ec2
  3. finsbury circus
    circus place/blomfield st ec2
  4. tritton court
    finsbury sq ec2
  5. apex london wall hotel
    7-9 copthall ave ec2
  6. institute of chartered accountants
    1 moorgate place ec2
  7. institute of marine engineers
    80 coleman st ec2
  8. wood st police station
    wood st ec2
  9. jp morgan ec2
    125 london wall/wood st ec2
  10. monkwell SQ
    wood st ec2
  11. cromwell tower
    cromwell place ec2
  12. finsbury dials
    20 finsbury st/chiswell st ec2
  13. exchange SQ
    appold st/primrose st ec2
  14. hoxton pony bar
    curtain rd ec2
  15. amnesty international
    17-25 new inn yard ec2
  16. cantaloupe bar
    charlotte rd ec2
  17. Tower bridge
    tower bridge approach/tower bridge rd se1
  18. jacob statue
    queen elizebeth st se1
  19. queen elizebeth st
    tower bridge rd/shad thames se1
  20. mill st se1
    jamaica rd se1
  21. city of london academy
    lynton rd se1
  22. pages walk
    grange rd/willow walk se1
  23. jam factory appartments
    green walk se1
  24. morroco st
    bermondsey st se1
  25. bermondsey st
    tower bridge rd/tooley se1
  26. city hall
    potters field se1
  27. Barrowboy & banker PH
    8 borough high st se1
  28. southwark police station
    323 borough high st se1
  29. salvation army HQ
    101 newington causeway se1
  30. table restaurant
    85 southwark st se1
  31. ring PH
    72 blackfriars rd se1
  32. colombo centre
    colombo st se1
  33. doggetts coat & badge PH
    blackfriars rd se1
  34. london weekend television
    upper ground
  35. christian aid se1
    35 lower marsh
  36. Horse Bar
    westminster bridge rd se1
  37. Bonds restaurant ec2
    threadneedle st
  38. threadneedle hotel
    threadneedle st ec2
  39. netherlands benevolent society
    7 austin friars ec2
  40. tivoli corner
    Lothbury ec2
  41. tokenhouse yard
    lothbury ec2
  42. milk st
    wood st/gresham st ec2
  43. clockmakers museum guildhall
    aldermanbury ec2
  44. copthall ave
    london wall ec2
  45. city of london girls school
    saint giles terrace/fore st ec2
  46. guild hall school of music & drama
    silk st ec2
  47. speed house
    silk st ec2
  48. sun st
    wilson st/appold st ec2
  49. andaz hotel
    40 liverpool st ec2
  50. bishopsgate institute
    230 bishopsgate ec2
  51. leonard st
    great eastern st/city rd ec2
  52. moorfields eye hospital
    cayton st ec1
  53. thistle city barbican hotel
    exchange st/lever st/dingley rd ec1
  54. national autistic society
    393 city rd ec1
  55. saddlers well theatre
    roseberry ave ec1
  56. farrington station
    cowcross st (set down turmill st) ec1
  57. Venus club
    (now city burlesque) 29-35 farringdon rd ec1
  58. ironmongers hall
    aldersgate st/shaftesbury place ec1
  59. butchers hall
    batholomew close ec1
  60. cutlers hall
    warick lane ec1
  61. saint batholomews hospital
    giltsper st ec1
  62. london aquarium
    westminster bridge rd se1
  63. marriot county hall hotel
    westminster bridge rd se1
  64. lambeth palace
    lambeth palace rd se1
  65. marine society
    222 lambeth rd se1
  66. park plaza county hall
    1 addington st se1
  67. white house appartments
    belverdere rd se1
  68. Royal Free Hospital
    Pond St/ Rowland Hill St NW3
  69. Hampstead Heath Station
    South Hill Park NW3
  70. Belsize Park Station
    Haverstock Hill NW3
  71. Belsize Square
    Belsize Park NW3
  72. Gospel Oak Station
    Mansfield Rd NW5
  73. Willsden Sports Centre
    Donnington Rd NW10
  74. Golders Green Station
    North End Rd NW11
  75. Jewish Cemetery NW11
    Hoop Lane NW11
  76. Meadway Gate
    Meadway NW11
  77. Goldes Green Cab Rank
    North End Rd NW11
  78. Willesden Green Station
    Station Parade NW2
  79. Dollis Hill Station
    Chapter Rd NW2
  80. Cricklewood Station
    Cricklewood Lane NW2
  81. royal british legion HQ
    199 borough high st se1
  82. john harvard library
    borough high st se1
  83. london city hotel
    borough high st se1
  84. long lane taxis
    southwark bridge rd se1
  85. harper rd
    borough rd/new kent rd se1
  86. avondale SQ
    old kent rd se1
  87. fabric club
    8 charterhouse st ec1
  88. smiths of smithfields restaurant
    charterhouse st ec1
  89. Farmers & fletchers hall
    cloth st ec1
  90. haberdashers hall
    18 westsmithfields ec1
  91. bleading heart yard
    greville st ec1
  92. bleading heart bar
    bleading heart yard ec1
  93. rookery hotel
    peters lane ec1
  94. tinseltown diner ec1
    44 st johns st ec1
  95. malmaison hotel
    charterhouse SQ ec1
  96. chamber of shipping
    carthusian st ec1
  97. italian conti academy of theatre arts
    goswell rd ec1
  98. society of geneologist
    charterhouse building ec1
  99. zetter restaurant bar & hotel
    86-88 clerkenwell rd ec1
  100. saint peters italian church
    134 clerkenwell rd ec1
  101. little bay restaurant ec1
    171 farringdon rd ec1
  102. london metropolitan archives
    northampton rd ec1
  103. family records centre
    myddleton st ec1
  104. city innovation centre
    26 whiskin st ec1
  105. Myddledon Sq
    River St ec1
  106. Old Red Lion Theatre
    Saint John St ec1
  107. King Sq
    Lever St ec1
  108. Snowfields
    St Thomas St/ New Come St se1
  109. Potters Fields
    Tooley St se1
  110. Flag Store
    Queen Elizabeth St se1
  111. Abbey St
    Jamaica Rd/ Tower Bridge Rd se1
  112. Grange Rd
    Southwark Pk Rd/tower bridge rd se1
  113. Elephant & Castle
    London Rd/ Walwarth Rd se1
  114. Imperial War Museum All Saints Annex
    Austral St se1
  115. stock exchange
    patenoster sq/newgate st/warwick lane ec1
  116. merill lynch
    queen isabella way/giltspur st ec1
  117. snow hill police station
    snow hill ec1
  118. charterhouse sq
    charthouse st/carthusian st ec1
  119. founders hall
    1 cloth fair ec1
  120. barbican station
    aldersgate st ec1
  121. shipwrights hall
    aldersgate st/shaftesbury place ec1
  122. ymca barbican
    2 fann st ec1
  123. finsbuy tower
    bunhill row ec1
  124. for your eyes only ec1
    23 citty rd
  125. imperial hall
    108 city rd ec1
  126. stroke assosiation
    240 city ec1
  127. finsbury leisure centre
    norman st ec1
  128. british lung foundation
    goswell rd/dallington rd ec1
  129. jerusalem passage
    aylesbury st ec1
  130. karl marx library
    clerkenwell green ec1
  131. saint johns sq
    clerkenwell rd ec1
  132. turnmills club
    63 clerkenwell rd ec1
  133. jerusalem tavern
    55 britton st ec1
  134. corps of commisionaiers
    cowcross st ec1
  135. coldbath square
    roseberry ave/topham st ec1
  136. city university
    spencer st /northampton sq ec1
  137. national canine defence league
    wakley st ec1
  138. dog trust
    17 wakley st ec1
  139. filty macnastys PH
    amwell st/inglebert st ec1
  140. saint pancras int'station/eurostar
    pancras rd SD/midland rd PU NW1
  141. british library
    96 euston rd/midland rd nw1
  142. shaw theatre
    ossulston st nw1
  143. thistle saint pancras hotel
    ossulston st nw1
  144. euston station
    melton st nw1
  145. thistle euston hotel
    cardington st nw1
  146. magic circle
    12 stephenson way nw1
  147. jazz caf´┐Ż
    5 park way nw1
  148. underworld club
    camden rd nw1
  149. MTV
    17 hawley cresent nw1
  150. london zoo
    outer circle/regents park nw1
  151. winfield house nw1
    outer circle nw1
  152. london central mosque
    park rd nw1
  153. london buisness school
    sussex place/regents park nw1
  154. sherlock holmes museum
    221 baker st nw1
  155. TFL lost property office
    200 baker st nw1
  156. church army hostel
    3 cosway st nw1
  157. seashell restaurant
    shroton st nw1
  158. marylebone station
    melcombe place nw1
  159. landmark hotel
    melcombe place/gt central st/harewood ave nw1
  160. madame tussauds
    marylebone rd nw1
  161. royal academy of music
    marylebone rd nw1
  162. marylebone magistrates court
    marylebone rd nw1
  163. royal college of physicians
    11 st andrews place nw1
  164. melia white house hotel
    osnaburgh terrace nw1
  165. chelsea gate appartments
    ebury bridge rd sw1
  166. sloane club
    52 sloane street sw1
  167. royal court thearte
    sloane square sw1
  168. german embassy
    chesham place sw1
  169. sheraton park tower hotel
    seville st/william st sw1
  170. blue cross animal hospital sw1
    1-5 hugh street
  171. buddist society
    58 eccleston square aw1
  172. passport office
    belgrave rd/globe house sw1
  173. queen mother sports centre
    223 vauxhall bridge rd sw1
  174. westminster cathedral
    ambrosden ave sw1
  175. Goring Hotel
    15 Beeston Place sw1
  176. Buckingham Palace
    Constitution Hill sw1
  177. Jolly Saint Ermin Hotel
    Caxton Street sw1
  178. Cinnamon Club Restaurant
    30 Great Smith Street/ Old Westminister Library sw1
  179. Mothers Union
    4 Tuffton Street/Mary Sumner House sw1
  180. Thistle Royal Horseguards Hotel
    2 Whitehall Court sw1
  181. Athenaeum Club
    Waterloo Place sw1
  182. Turf Club
    5 Carlton House Terrace sw1
  183. Travellers Club
    106 Pall Mall sw1
  184. Reform Club
    104 Pall Mall sw1
  185. Chatham House
    10 St James Square sw1
  186. Royal Overseas League
    Park Place sw1
  187. Tramp Club
    40 Jermyn Street sw1
  188. mirrors restaurant
    euston rd nw1
  189. saint pancras coroners court
    camley street nw1
  190. camden square
    murray street nw1
  191. camden rd station
    bonny street nw1
  192. holiday express nw1
    jamestown rd
  193. roundhouse theatre
    chalk farm rd nw1
  194. cecil sharp house
    2 regents park rd nw1
  195. odettes restaurant
    regents park rd nw1
  196. utopia village
    7 chalcot rd nw1
  197. jewish museum
    129-131 albert street nw1
  198. regents park barracks
    albany street nw1
  199. greater london house
    263 hampstead rd nw1
  200. koko club
    1 camden high st nw1
  201. cumberland market
    osnaburgh street nw1
  202. euston sq hotel
    156 north gower street nw1
  203. ibis hotel nw1
    3 cardington street nw1
  204. grant thornton house
    22 melton street nw1
  205. princes trust
    park sq east nw1
  206. john f kennedy memorial
    marylebone rd nw1
  207. regents college
    inner circle,regents park nw1
  208. open air theatre
    inner circle,regents park nw1
  209. planetarium
    110 marylebone rd nw1 (gone)
  210. globe PH
    marylebone rd nw1
  211. baker street station
    maryle bone rd nw1
  212. marathon house
    marylebone house nw1
  213. press complaints commission
    20-23 holburn/hatton house ec1
  214. waterhouse square
    holburn ec1
  215. Saint Etheldras Church
    Ely Place ec1
  216. Boy of Glutten
    Giltspur Street ec1
  217. City & Guilds of London Institute
    1 Giltspur Street ec1
  218. Postmans Park
    King Edward Street ec1
  219. St Pauls Station
    Newgate Street ec1
  220. West Smithfields
    Long Lane/Giltspur Street ec1
  221. William Morris Memorial
    West Smithfields ec1
  222. Club Gascon Restaurant
    West Smithfields ec1
  223. Lindsay Hotel
    4 Lindsay Street ec1 (gone)
  224. Fox & Knot Street
    Charterhouse Street ec1
  225. Clerkenwell Green
    clerkenwell rd ec1
  226. Dans le noir restaurant
    Clerkenwell Green ec1
  227. Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
    Clerkenwell Green ec1
  228. cowcross streer
    farringdon rd/st johns street ec1
  229. hix oyster and chop house restaurant
    36-37 greenhill rents/cowcross st ec1
  230. giffin PH
    clerkenwell rd ec1
  231. saddlers sports centre
    116 goswell rd ec1
  232. gee street magistrates
    29-41 gee street ec1
  233. parker mcmillan bar
    47 chiswell street ec1
  234. inmarsat
    cowper street ec1
  235. shoreditch fire station
    old street ec1
  236. holiday inn express ec1
    275 old street
  237. 333 club ec1
    333 old street
  238. barvarian beer house
    190 city rd ec1
  239. harlequin PH
    27 arlington way ec1
  240. lillian baylis thearte
    roseberry ave ec1
  241. finsbury town hall
    roseberry ave ec1
  242. claremount square
    amwell street ec1
  243. zuma japenese restayrant
    raphael st sw7
  244. victoria and albert museum
    cromwell gardens sw7
  245. science museum
    exhibition rd sw7
  246. royal colleg of music
    prince consort rd sw7
  247. natural history museum
    cromwell rd sw7
  248. vanderbilt hotel
    76 cromwell rd sw7
  249. campell court
    gloucester rd sw7
  250. point west
    116 cromwell rd sw7
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