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  1. cranley gardens sw7
    old brompton rd/fulham rd
  2. royal society of british sculpture
    108 old brompton rd sw7
  3. NH harrington hall hotel
    5-25 harrington gardens sw7
  4. bombay brasserie restaurant
    courtfield rd sw7
  5. holiday inn kensington
    97 cromwell rd sw7
  6. green door steak house
    150 gloucester rd sw7
  7. emporers gate
    grenville rd sw7
  8. rydges kensington plaza hotel
    61 gloucester rd sw7
  9. morocco embassy
    49 queens gate garedens sw7
  10. cornwall gardens
    gloucester rd sw7
  11. opal club
    36 gloucester rd sw7
  12. britten theatre
    prince consort rd/royal coll' of music sw7
  13. royal coll' of general practitioners
    14 princes gate sw7
  14. goeth institute
    exhibition rd sw7
  15. bulgaria embassy
    186 queens gate sw7
  16. 190 restauarant/club
    queens gate sw7
  17. eden plaza hotel
    68-69 queens gate sw7
  18. gallery hotel
    8 queensbury place sw7
  19. gainsborough hotel
    7 queensbury place sw7
  20. institute francias
    17 queebsbury place/cromwell place sw7
  21. christies auction rooms sw7
    85 old brompton rd
  22. lamborghini london
    25 old brompton rd sw7
  23. onslow sq
    sydney place/old brompton rd sw7
  24. paper tiger restaurant
    10 exhibition rd sw7
  25. brompton oratory
    brompton rd sw7
  26. bonhams auctions sw7
    montpelier st
  27. montpelier sq
    montpelier st sw7
  28. trevor sq
    trevor st sw7
  29. turkish consulate
    rutland gardens sw7
  30. iran embassy
    16 princes gate sw7
  31. princess diana memorial fountain
    wast carriage drive ring sw7
  32. grenadier PH
    18 wilton row sw1
  33. cadogan sq
    pont st sw1
  34. orange brewery PH
    pimlico rd sw1
  35. santini restaurant
    29 ebury st sw1
  36. apollo victoria theatre
    17 wilton rd sw1
  37. warwick sq sw1
    saint georges drive/belgrave rd
  38. grumbles restaurant
    churton street sw1
  39. saint georges sq sw1
    grosvenor rd/lupus st
  40. westminster gardens
    marsham st sw1
  41. westminster coroners court
    horseferry rd sw1
  42. new horticultural hall
    greycoat street sw1
  43. sanctuary house hotel
    tothill st sw1
  44. queen elizebeth 2nd conference centre
    storey's gate sw1
  45. richmond house sw1
    79 whitehall
  46. ICA galleries
    the mall
  47. tiger tiger sw1
  48. saint james sq
    pall mall sw1
  49. christies auction rooms sw1
    king st
  50. saint james club
    7 park place sw1
  51. dizzy's bar
    (now bar @ 1) kingwilliam st ec4
  52. arthur st
    king william st/upp thames st ec4
  53. dowgate fire station
    upp thames st ec4
  54. five kings house
    1 queen street place ec4
  55. london stock exchange
    newgate street/paternoster sq ec4
  56. YHA city
    36-38 carter lane ec4
  57. club quarters saint pauls
    24 ludgate hill ec4
  58. irish club
    2-4 tudor st ec4
  59. john carpenter st
    tudor st ec4
  60. tudor st
    new bridge st ec4
  61. primrose hill ec4
    hutton st
  62. inner temple
    middle temple lane ec4
  63. breams buildings
    fetter lane/new fetter lane ec4
  64. new street square
    bartlett court ec4
  65. camden peoples theatre
    58-60 hampstead rd nw1
  66. british heart foundation
    hampstead rd/greater london house wn1
  67. working mens college
    crowndale rd nw1
  68. theotro technics
    26 crowndale rd nw1
  69. royal vetenary college
    royal college st nw1
  70. rochester sq
    camden rd nw1
  71. irish centre nw1
    camden sq
  72. british transport police HQ
    camden rd/camden point nw1
  73. gilgamesh restaurant
    chalk farm rd/stables market nw1
  74. stables market
    chalk farm rd nw1
  75. electric ballroom
    184 camden high st nw1
  76. wagamamas nw1
    jamestown rd
  77. chalcot sq
    chalcot rd nw1
  78. english folk dance & song
    regents park rd/cecil sharp house nw1
  79. danish church
    4 st katherines precinct nw1
  80. munster sq
    william rd nw1
  81. tritton sq
    drummond st/longfield st nw1
  82. regents park station
    marylebone rd nw1
  83. rotary club of london
    york gate nw1
  84. mumtaz restaurant
    park rd nw1
  85. at venue restaurants
    7-9 st james st sw1
  86. queens gallery
    buckingham gate sw1
  87. european parliament
    2 queen annes gate sw1
  88. westminster magistrates court
    horseferry rd sw1
  89. vincent sq
    vincent st/fynes st/vane st sw1
  90. station hotel
    vauxhall bridge rd sw1
  91. globe house sw1
    belgrave rd sw1
  92. society of motor manufacturers & traders
    halkin st sw1
  93. forbes house sw1
    halkin st sw1
  94. austria embassy
    18 belgrave mews west sw1
  95. knightsbridge caf�
    5 william st sw1
  96. iceland embassy
    2a hans st sw1
  97. 3 police officers memorial
    hans cresent sw1
  98. scottish church sw1
    pont st
  99. cadogan hall
    sloane terrace sw1
  100. sloane sq
    sloane st/lwr sloane st sw1
  101. renaissance Saint pancras hotel
    euston rd nw1
  102. olympic javelin train
    pancras rd/midland rd/pancras stn nw1
  103. somerston coffee house
    60 chalton st nw1
  104. RMT (unity hse)
    39 chalton st nw1
  105. oakley sq
    eversholt st nw1
  106. mornington cresent stn
    herdwick place/hampstead rd nw1
  107. agar grove
    york way/saint pancras way nw1
  108. daphne restaurant
    85 bayhan st nw1
  109. camden lock hotel
    crogsland rd nw1
  110. fifty five PH
    31 jamestown rd nw1
  111. pirate castle
    oval rd nw1
  112. Engineer PH & restaurant
    65 gloucester ave/princess rd nw1
  113. dian fossey gorilla fund
    110 gloucester ave nw1
  114. feng shang restaurant
    prince albert rd nw1
  115. zoological society
    outer circle (london zoo) nw1
  116. park village east
    stanhope st/parkway nw1
  117. york & albany hotel & restaurant
    127-129 parkway
  118. robert street
    hampstead rd/albany st nw1
  119. santander HQ
    tritton court nw1
  120. general medical council
    350 euston rd nw1
  121. friends hse
    173 euston rd nw1
  122. welcome foundation
    euston rd nw1
  123. queen marys grdns
    inner cirle nw1
  124. royal coll' of obstetritians & gynaecologists
    21 sussex place nw1
  125. flower station
    park rd nw1
  126. beatles shop
    baker st nw1
  127. dorset hse nw1
    gloucester place
  128. dorset sq
    gloucester place nw1
  129. western eye hospital
    marylebone rd nw1
  130. BNP Paribas bank
    10 harewood ave nw1
  131. travel lodge marylebone hotel
    harewood row nw1
  132. capio nightingale hospital
    lisson grove nw1
  133. blanford sq
    harewood ave nw1
  134. kentish town sports centre
    grafton rd nw5
  135. kentish town west stn
    prince of wales rd nw5
  136. kronx boxing club
    talacre rd nw5 (gone)
  137. saint pancras boxing club
    talacre rd nw5
  138. saint dominics primary
    southampton rd nw5
  139. oak village
    mansfeld rd nw5
  140. chetwynd rd
    highgate rd/dartmouth park hill nw5
  141. dome club
    dartmouth park hill nw5
  142. venue club nw5
    highgate rd
  143. highgate studios
    carkers lane nw5
  144. forum club/hmv forum
    highgate rd nw5
  145. assembly PH
    292-294 kentish towmn rd/leighton rd nw5
  146. pineapple PH
    leverton st nw5
  147. kentish town stn
    kentish town rd nw5
  148. kentish town police stn
    holmes rd nw5
  149. camden village pound
    regis rd nw5
  150. cenotaph
    whitehall sw1
  151. churchill gardens estate
    churchhill gardens rd sw1
  152. lindsey sq
    balniel gate sw1
  153. pimlico library (old)
    rampayne st sw1
  154. ecclestone sq
    belgrave rd/st georges rd sw1
  155. belgrave police station
    buckingham palace rd sw1
  156. wellington barraks
    birdcage walk/petty france sw1
  157. windsor house
    victoria street sw1
  158. jewel tower
    abingdon street sw1
  159. national liberal club
    1 whitehall place sw1
  160. savage club
    1 whitehall place sw1
  161. her magesty's theatre
    haymarket sw1
  162. haymarket hotel
    suffolk place sw1
  163. WPC Yvonne Fletcher memorial
    saint james sq sw1
  164. sudan embassy
    3 cleveland row sw1
  165. lobb shoes
    saint james street sw1
  166. spencer house museum
    27 saint james place sw1
  167. caledonian club
    9 halkin street sw1
  168. diplomat hotel
    2 chesham street sw1
  169. peru embassy
    sloane street sw1
  170. jumeriah carlton tower hotel
    2 cadogan place sw1
  171. jumeriah lowndes hotel
    21 lowndes street sw1
  172. luxemborg embassy/consular
    27 wilton cresent sw1
  173. manderin oriental hotel
    knightsbridge sw1
  174. royal thames yacth club
    60 knightsbridge sw1
  175. carisbrooke hall
    79 seymour street w2
  176. water gardens w2
    burwood place
  177. saint georges fields
    albion street w2
  178. sri lanka high commission
    13 hyde park gardens w2
  179. hyde park stables
    bathhurst mews w2
  180. royal lancaster hotel
    westbourne st/out lancaster terrace w2
  181. corus hotel hyde park
    lancaster gate w2
  182. ymca german
    35 craven terrace w2
  183. spire house
    44 lancaster gate w2
  184. whiteleys
    queensway w2
  185. saint sophias greek cathedral
    moscow rd w2
  186. artesian rd
    chepstow rd/ledbury rd w2
  187. henry Vlll hotel
    19 leinster gardens w2
  188. cleveland sq
    devonshire terrace w2
  189. blakemore hotel
    30 leinster gardens w2
  190. hempel hotel
    31 craven hill gardens w2
  191. hilton hotel paddington
    praed st w2
  192. steam bar
    praed st (in hilton paddington) w2
  193. hilton hotel metropole
    edgware rd/harbert rd w2
  194. st marys hospital
    south wharf rd w2
  195. heathrow express
    departures rd (SD paddington station app') w2
  196. marks & spencer HQ
    north wharf rd w2
  197. novotel paddington hotel
    kingdom street w2
  198. paddington fire station
    harrow rd w2
  199. canal caf� theatre
    westbourne terrace/delemare terrace w2
  200. saint marys sq
    saint marys terrace w2
  201. connaught square
    seymour st/connaught st w2
  202. oxford sq w2
    norfolk cresent
  203. cambridge sq w2
    norfolk cresent
  204. gloucester sq w2
    sussex place
  205. sussex sq
    stanhope terrace w2
  206. spring st
    sussex gardens/craven rd w2
  207. tabot sq
    sussex gardens w2
  208. hotel indigo london paddington
    16 london street w2
  209. royal norfolk hotel
    25 london street w2
  210. norfolk sq
    london street w2
  211. prince william hotel
    42-44 gloucester terrace w2
  212. colombia hotel
    95 lancaster gate w2
  213. guards hotel
    36 lancaster gate w2
  214. central park hotel w2
    49 queensborough terrace
  215. hilton hotel hyde park
    bayswater rd w2
  216. queensway station
    queensway w2
  217. queens ice rink
    queensway w2
  218. caroline house w2
    bayswater rd w2
  219. ramada jarvis hyde park hotel
    saint petersburgh place w2
  220. brigham young university
    27 palace court w2
  221. linden gardens w2
    nottinghill gate
  222. pembridge sq
    pembridge gardens w2
  223. princes sq
    ilchester gardens/hereford rd w2
  224. leinster sq
    garway rd w2
  225. kensington gardens hotel
    9 kensington gardens sq w2
  226. bloody french restaurant
    149 westbourne grove w2
  227. porchester hall
    porchester rd w2
  228. cow saloon bar & dining rooms
    89 westbourne park rd w2
  229. harbour club w2
    alfred rd
  230. john aird court
    howley place w2
  231. sheldon sq
    paddington basin w2
  232. paddington police station
    edgware rd w2
  233. scott ellis gardens
    grove end rd nw8
  234. liberal jewish synagogue
    28 saint johns wood rd nw8
  235. pavillion appartments
    saint johns wood rd nw8
  236. lord view appartments
    saint johns wood rd nw8
  237. danubius hotel regents park
    18 lodge rd nw8
  238. wellington hospital
    wellington place nw8
  239. hospital of saint john & saint elizebeth
    grove end rd nw8
  240. eyre court
    finchley rd nw8
  241. america school in london
    2 loundon rd/waverley place nw8
  242. new london synagogue
    33 abbey rd nw8
  243. the marlowes
    boundry rd nw8
  244. queensmead
    saint johns wood park nw8
  245. walsingham
    queensmead nw8
  246. saint stephens close
    avenue rd nw8
  247. oslo court
    chalbert st nw8
  248. oslo court restaurant
    chalbert st nw8
  249. lyndhurst club
    74 allitsen rd nw8
  250. saint johns wood police station
    newcourt street nw8
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