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  1. renaissance chancery court hotel
    252 high holburn wc1
  2. arab press house
    184 high holburn wc1
  3. saint giles hotel
    bedford ave wc1
  4. congress house wc1
    23 great russell street
  5. jurys GT russell st hotel
    (now bloomsbury hotel) GT russell st wc1
  6. my hotel wc1
    bayley street
  7. building centre
    store st/south cresente wc1
  8. hospital for tropical disease's travel clinic
    mortimer market wc1
  9. university college hospital
    euston rd/beaumont place/grafton way wc1
  10. hilton hotel euston
    upp' woburn place wc1
  11. place theatre
    17 dukes rd wc1
  12. RNIB (royal national inst' for the bind)
    judd street wc1
  13. foundation hospital museum
    40 brunswick sq wc1
  14. president hotel
    52 guilford st wc1
  15. imperial hotel
    61 russell sq wc1
  16. russell sq station
    bernard st wc1
  17. penn club
    21-22 bernard place wc1
  18. holburn grange hotel
    old gloucester st wc1
  19. cochrane theatre
    (gone) theobalds rd wc1
  20. holburn police station
    lambs condiut st wc1
  21. hospital for sick children
    Gt ormond st wc1
  22. dickens house museum
    48 doughty st wc1
  23. eastman dental hospital
    256 grays inn rd wc1
  24. watewr rats theatre
    328 grays inn rd wc1
  25. royal national throat,nose & ear hospital
    grays inn rd wc1
  26. kings place
    90 york way n1
  27. lewis carroll library
    166 copenhagen st n1
  28. young actors theatre
    70 barnsbury rd n1
  29. cloudsley sq
    cloudsley rd n1
  30. pride court
    white lion st n1
  31. crafts council
    44 penton ville rd n1
  32. candid arts trust
    torrens st n1
  33. screen on the green
    83 upper st n1
  34. little angel marionette theatre
    14 dagmar passage n1
  35. packington sq
    packington st n1
  36. embassy bar n1
    119 essex rd
  37. islington fire station
    upper st n1
  38. union chapel
    compton terrace n1
  39. highbury & islington station
    holloway rd n1
  40. cannonbury sq
    cannonbury rd n1
  41. john spencer sq
    prior bolton st n1
  42. alwyne sq
    cannonbury park north n1
  43. snooty fox PH
    wallace rd/grosvenor ave n1
  44. leroy house
    essex rd n1
  45. trolley shop theatre
    (gone) stamford rd n1
  46. britania leisure centre
    nortport st n1
  47. bluu bar n1
    hoxton sq
  48. white cube
    hoxton sq n1
  49. cairo studios
    4 nile st n1
  50. chocolate studios
    sheperdess place n1
  51. cuba embassy
    167 high holburn wc1
  52. ymca central
    16 Gt russell st wc1
  53. TUC-trade union congress
    23 Gt russell st wc1
  54. thistle kingsley hotel
    bloomsbury way wc1
  55. victoria house wc1
    bloomsbury sq wc1
  56. conway hall
    red lion sq wc1
  57. october gallery
    old gloucester st wc1
  58. queens sq
    old gloucester st/boswell st wc1
  59. Gt ormond st
    queens sq/millman st wc1
  60. institute of child health
    guilford st wc1
  61. celtic hotel
    62 Guilford st wc1
  62. holiday inn bloomsbury
    coram st wc1
  63. royal national hotel
    bedford way wc1
  64. drill hall theatre
    16 chenies st wc1
  65. institute of measurement & control
    87 gower st wc1
  66. bloomsbury theatre
    gordon st wc1
  67. british medical assosiation
    tavistock sq wc1
  68. unison (old)
    1 mabledon place wc1
  69. regent sq wc1
    sidmouth st
  70. terrance higgins trust
    314-320 grays inn rd wc1
  71. serious fraud office
    elm st wc1
  72. church of england children society
    91-93 margery st wc1
  73. holiday inn kings cross bloomsbury
    1 kings cross rd wc1
  74. peel centre
    percy circus wc1
  75. percy circus
    vernon rise/Gt percy st wc1
  76. guardian & observer newspaper
    kings place/90 york way n1
  77. copenhagen st
    york way/cloudsley place n1
  78. cally pool
    229 caledonian rd n1
  79. istanbul social club
    296 caledonian rd n1
  80. scala
    (now hurrican rooms) kings cross bridge n1
  81. nido student living
    200 pentonville rd n1
  82. joseph grimaldi park
    rodney st n1
  83. start caf´┐Ż n1
    penton st n1
  84. chapel bar
    penton st n1
  85. craft council gallery
    44 pentonville rd n1
  86. york PH
    82 islington high st n1
  87. chapel market
    liverpoool rd n1
  88. sainsbury n1
    liverpoool rd n1
  89. aztec row
    berners rd n1
  90. theberton st
    liverpoool rd/upper st n1
  91. lonsdale sq
    barnsbury st/richmond ave n1
  92. barnsbury sq
    thornhill rd n1
  93. florence PH
    florence st n1
  94. club union hse
    251 upper st n1
  95. hampton ct
    swan yard/upper st n1
  96. junction bar n1
    saint pauls rd/corsica st n1
  97. cannonbury academy
    6 cannonbury place n1
  98. citeria auction rooms
    53-57 essex rd n1
  99. essex rd station
    cannonbury rd n1
  100. wilton sq
    baring st n1
  101. islington boat club
    16 graham st n1
  102. eagle PH
    sheperdess walk n1
  103. charles sq
    pitfield st n1
  104. boot st
    pitfield st n1
  105. charlie wright international bar
    45 pitfield st n1
  106. lux cinema
    2 hoxton sq n1
  107. mile end stadium
    rhodeswell rd e3
  108. ragged school museum
    46 copperfield rd e3
  109. alphabet sq
    hawgood st e3
  110. wizann
    42 watts grove e3
  111. widows son ph
    75 devons rd e3
  112. bromley by bow station
    blackwall tunnel northern approach e3
  113. bow arts trust
    bow rd e3
  114. mcdonalds e3
    payne rd e3
  115. club rose
    (now club paisa) hancock rd e3
  116. bromley high st
    edgar rd e3
  117. bow church station
    bow rd e3
  118. thames magistrates court
    bow rd e3
  119. bow rd station
    bow rd e3
  120. saint clements hospital
    bow rd e3
  121. tredegar sq
    mile end rd e3
  122. east london tabernacle
    burdett rd e3
  123. tower hamletts cemetery
    southern grove e3
  124. bow quarter
    60 fairfield rd e3
  125. bow bus garage
    fairfield rd e3
  126. parnell rd
    tredegar rd e3
  127. bow fire station
    parnell rd e3
  128. eastside youth centre
    62 parnell rd e3
  129. candy st
    parnell rd e3
  130. gun wharf e3
    (gone) old ford rd
  131. lakeview estate
    old ford rd e3
  132. roman rd
    cambridge heath rd/parnell rd e3
  133. fish island
    monier rd/dace rd e3
  134. rathbone market
    barking rd e16
  135. canning town station
    silvertown way e16
  136. city airport
    hartman rd e16
  137. tower hamletts town hall
    mulberry place e14
  138. poplar coroners court
    poplar high st/cottage st e14
  139. grace miricle ministeries
    east india dock rd e14
  140. polar central mosque
    east india dock rd e14
  141. limehouse station
    beksbourne st e14
  142. cruising assosiation
    northey st e14
  143. limehouse police station
    west india dock rd e14
  144. four seasons hotel e14
    west ferry circus upper tier
  145. marriett docklands hotel
    hertsmere rd e14
  146. finacial services authority
    25 north collonade e14
  147. billingsgate market
    trafalgar way e14
  148. hilton hotel canary wharf
    marsh wall e14
  149. thermoplae gate
    spindriff ave/chapel house st e14
  150. mile end station
    mile end rd e3
  151. westham station
    memorial ave e15
  152. east london rugby club
    holland rd e15
  153. westham police station
    westham lane e15
  154. stratford police station
    westham lane e15
  155. wpc nina mackay memorial
    arthingworth st e15
  156. chant sq
    chant st e15
  157. stratford shopping centre
    stratford broadway e15
  158. stratford magistrates court
    stratford high st e15
  159. stratford station
    meridian sq e15
  160. meridian sq
    Gt eastern rd e15
  161. theatre royal stratford
    salway rd e15
  162. gerry raffles sq
    salway rd e15
  163. stratford cab rank
    broadway e15
  164. ibis hotel e15
    romford rd
  165. bow county court
    romford rd e15
  166. leyton station
    leyton high rd e10
  167. leyton orient fc
    oliver rd e10
  168. lea valley ice rink
    lea bridge rd e10
  169. spitalfields market
    sherrin rd e10
  170. ruckholt rd
    eastway e10
  171. wally foster community centre
    homerton rd e5
  172. homerton hospital
    homerton grove e5
  173. chatsworth rd
    brooksby walk/lea bridge rd e5
  174. lea bridge rd
    lea bridge roundabout e5
  175. lennox lewis centre
    18 theydon rd e5
  176. spring hill
    clapton common e5
  177. hackney rugby club
    spring hill e5
  178. clapton pond
    lower clapton rd e5
  179. mothers sq
    sladen place/clarence rd e5
  180. clapton sq
    lower clapton rd e5
  181. kings hall leisure centre
    lower clapton rd e5
  182. hackney police station
    lower clapton rd e5
  183. hackney downs station
    dalston lane e8
  184. navarino mansions
    dalston lane e8
  185. cape house accomodation
    dalston lane e8
  186. fassett sq
    graham rd e8
  187. ridley rd market
    ridley rd e8
  188. arcola theatre
    ashwin st e8
  189. rio cinema
    107 kingsland high st e8
  190. clowns church
    beechwood rd e8
  191. bomonti russian club
    344 kingsland rd e8
  192. albion sq
    albion drive e8
  193. pc lawrence brown memorial
    pownall rd e8
  194. cat & mutton ph
    76 broadway market e8
  195. broadway market e8
    pritchard rd/westgate st e8
  196. ann taylor centre
    triangle rd e8
  197. saint josephs hospice
    mare st e8
  198. candle factory
    184a mare st e8
  199. hackney town hall
    mare st e8
  200. ocean music centre
    (now hackney picture house ) mare st e8
  201. hackney museum
    reading lane e8
  202. hackney central station
    amhurst rd e8
  203. les trois garcons
    1 club row/bethnal green rd e2
  204. arnold circus
    calvert ave e2
  205. tea building
    bethnal green rd e2
  206. repton boys club
    dunbridge st e2
  207. bethnal green BR station
    three colts lane/tapp st e2
  208. wilmot st
    bethnal green rd/dunbridge st e2
  209. gales gardens
    bethnal green rd e2
  210. bethnal green museum of childhood
    cambridge heath rd e2
  211. bethnal green station
    cambridge heath rd e2
  212. city view hotel
    cambridge heath rd e2
  213. patriot sq
    cambridge heath rd e2
  214. metropolis club
    cambridge heath rd e2
  215. bethnal green police station
    victoria park sq e2
  216. york hall
    old ford rd e2
  217. london chest hospital
    bonner rd e2
  218. bethnal green fire station
    roman rd e2
  219. london buddist centre
    roman rd e2
  220. saint peters sq
    saint peters ave e2
  221. pebble centre
    warner place e2
  222. columbia rd Sunday flower market
    columbia rd e2
  223. browns club e2
    hackney rd e2
  224. days inn shoredith
    (no the RE shoredith) hackney rd e2
  225. images bar
    hackney rd e2
  226. ion sq
    hackney rd e2
  227. hacney city farm
    goldsmith row e2
  228. marksman PH
    hackney rd e2
  229. the oval e2
    hackney rd e2
  230. marion sq
    pritchard rd e2
  231. goldsmith sq
    goldsmith row e2
  232. gloucester sq e2
    cester st e2
  233. gefferye museum
    136 kingsland rd e2
  234. basin approach
    commercial rd e14
  235. emery theatre
    annabel close e14
  236. all saints station
    east india dock rd e14
  237. ibis hotel e14
    blackwall way /baffin way
  238. HSBC tower
    canada sq e14
  239. daily mirror
    1 canada sq e14
  240. canary wharf
    north & south collonade e14
  241. canary wharf cab rank
    south collonade e14
  242. cabot sq
    north & south collonade/west india ave e14
  243. britania international hotel
    163 marsh wall e14
  244. mudchute station
    east ferry rd e14
  245. mudchute park and farm
    pier st e14
  246. isle of dogs police station
    manchester rd e14
  247. wapping station
    wapping high st e1
  248. london inderpendant hospital
    beaumont sq e1
  249. royal london hospital
    whitechapel rd,SD stepney way e1
  250. city hotel
    12 osbourne st e1
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