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  1. A_______type is something a person is born with
  2. The five different skin types are
  3. Only one skin type can also be a skin condition what is it?
  4. When the skin lacks _____ it is classified as a dry skin type
  5. Small follicles indicate that the skin is
  6. This skin type has an unhealthy acid mantle and skin barrier function
  7. Occlusive products do what
    Reduce transepidermal water loss
  8. Which skin types can be dehydrated
    Dry oily combination
  9. Skin that is dehydrated lacks
  10. When follicles go from smaller to medium just on the edge of the tzone by the nose the skin type is
  11. Blemishes develop in oily skin because the pores get clogged with
    Oil and dead skin cells
  12. Having a good water and oil balance is characteristic of which skin type
  13. Products and exposure to heat or sun can easily irritate this skin type
  14. The ____is a skin typing system that shows the skins ability to withstand sun exposure
    Fitzpatrick scale
  15. The Fitzpatrick scale classifies people with very fair skin blond or red hair and light colored eyes as
    Type I
  16. ________on the Fitzpatrick scale includes mideastern skin that tans and is rarely sensitive to the sun
    Type V
  17. Different amounts of _______are found in black Hispanic Asian and native American skin types
  18. Hyper keratosis can be defined as
    Excessive dead skin cell buildup and cell turnover
  19. Darker skin types can suffer from ______ due to trauma extractions sun damage or exfoliation
    Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  20. Which ethnic skin type is considered to be most sensitive peels?
  21. You should be most concerned about the _____ when treating skin
    Skin condition
  22. A persons skin condition can be influenced by
    Internal and external factors
  23. Which of the following are skin conditions?
    Couperose.sensitive and wrinkling
  24. Rough areas that are caused by sun exposure and are sometimes accompanied by a layered scale or scan are characteristics of this skin condition
    Actinic keratosis
  25. Inflammatory redness is called
  26. Choose the description that best describes comedones
    Blackheads and whiteheads
  27. A blackhead can be most accurately described as an
    Open comedone
  28. What type of skin condition is caused by smoking
  29. When skin is asphyxiated what does it lack?
  30. Large blackheads around the eyes are specifically called
    Solar comedones
  31. When papules become infected and contain fluid they are called
  32. Externally the skin is most damaged by
    sun exposure
  33. What does MED stand for?
    minimal erythemal dose
  34. MED measures
    how long it takes to become red from sun exposure
  35. Skin can suffer from________as a result of being exposed to UVA rays
    photoaging skin cancer DNA damage
  36. UVB rays are characterized by
    Shorter stronger wavelengths
  37. What are the causes of erythema
    cell damage and blood vessel dilation in the dermis
  38. This layer of the atmosphere is responsible for absorbing UVC rays
    Ozone layer
  39. High amounts of antioxidants can be found in these foods
    berries and citrus fruit
  40. A family of antioxidants known as polyphenols can be found in
    green tea red grapes strawberries and pomegranates
  41. _________for esthetic services include contagious diseases
  42. Lupus is one example of an __________disease
    autoimmune system
  43. Harsh exfoliating or waxing treatments should always be avoided when clients are taking
    oral steroids
  44. These treatments may trigger epileptic seizure
    light or electrical treatments
  45. Clients with ______ should not recieve electrical treatments
    heart abnormalities or have a pacemaker
  46. You must ask important questions such as What are you skin concerns when:
    doing a consultation
  47. Asking your client how their skin feels during different parts of the day provides valuable information about what?
    oiliness or dryness
  48. Touching the skin with your fingers during a skin analysis helps you to determine whether or not the skin is
  49. The four components of every skin analysis include?
    look feel ask and listen
  50. What is your most important tool?
  51. The quality of the skin can be ________improved with professional skin care products
  52. Skin care ingredients can be studied at a_______level.
    Molecular level
  53. How many different products must you know about to effectively practice professional skin care?
    a broad spectrum of products
  54. Cosmetics are distinguished from drugs by this act
    Cosmetic Act of 1938
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