Superficial back muscles

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  1. Attachment
    • Proximal attachment:
    • eternal occipital protuberance
    • superior nuchal line
    • spinous processes of all cervical and thorasic vertebrae

    • Distal Attachment:
    • lateral 1/3 of clavicle
    • medial margin of the acromion process
    • spine of the scapula
  2. Attachment
    Latissimus Dorsi
    • Proximal attachment:
    • spinous processes of T7 through sacral vertebrae
    • ribs 9-12
    • posterior part of iliac crest
    • inferior angle of the scapula

    • Distal attachments:
    • Intertubercular groove
  3. Attachment
    Rhomboideus major and minor
    • Proximal attachment:
    • spinous processes of C7 through T 5

    • Distal attachment:
    • medial border of the scapula from the inferior angle to the spine
  4. Attachment
    Levator Scapulae
    • Proximal attachment:
    • transverse processes of C1 - C4

    • Distal attachment:
    • medisl border of the scapula between the superior angle and the spine
  5. Innervation
    • Motor innervation:
    • Spinal Accessory Nerve (Cranial nerve XI)

    • Sensory innervation:
    • Cervical spinal nerves 3 and 4 
  6. Innervation
    Latissimus Dorsi
    Thoracodorsal nerve
  7. Innervation
    Rhomboideus major and minor
    dorsal scapular nerve
  8. Innervation
    Levator Scapulae
    Dorsal capular nerve and/or small branches of cervical spinal nerves 3 and 4
  9. Actions
    • At Sternoclavicular and acromioclavicular joints
    • Superior fibers: elevation of shoulder girdle

    Middle Fibers: retraction fo the shoulder girdle

    Inferior fibers: depression of the shoulder girdle and upward rotation of the glenoid fossa (or lateral rotation of inferior angle of the scapula) 

    • At atlanto-occipital joint
    • superior fibers of both muscles: extension of the head
    • unilaterally: abduct to same side and rotate head to opposite side
  10. Actions
    Latissimus Dorsi 
    • Glenohumeral joint
    • Medial rotation
    • extension
    • adduction

    • Shoulder girdle joint
    • downward rotation of the glenoid fossa

    • Other movements
    • depress shoulder when pelvis fixed
    • elevate pelvis when shoulder girdle is fixed 
  11. Actions
    Rhomboideus major and minor
    • At sternoclavicular and acromioclavicular joints
    • elevation
    • retraction
    • downward rotation of the glenoid fossa (medial rotation of inferior angle of the scapula)
  12. Actions
    Levator Scapula
    • Shoulder girdle
    • elevation
    • protraction 

    • Cervical intervertebral joints
    • extension
    • abduction to same side of muscle contraction
    • rotation to same side of muscle contraction
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