Human Geography Ch.9

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  1. state
     an independent political unit with recognized boundaries, although some of these boundaries may be in dispute
  2. nation
    a group of people sharing certain elements of culture, such as religion, language, history, or political identity
  3. nation-state
    an ideal form consisting of a homogeneous group of people governed by their places of origin.
  4. territory
    the delimited area over which a state exercises control and which is recognized by other states
  5. frontier
    zomes of underdeveloped territorality, areas that are distinctive for their marginality rather than for their belongings.
  6. geopolitics
    the state's power to control space or territory and shape international political relations.
  7. heartland theory
    belief that Eurasia was the most likely base from which a successful campaign for world conquest could be launched.
  8. domino theory-
     if one country in a region chose, or was forced to accept, a communist political and economic system, neighboring countries would fall to communism as well, just as one falling domino in a line of dominos causes all the others to fall.
  9. terrorism
    the threat or use of force to bring about political change
  10. gerrymandering
     redistricting for partisan is used in order to ensure the equal probability of representation among small groups.
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