CCNA 1: Ch. 11 Vocab

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  1. arguments
    Additional data provided by entering a command at the CLI then the argument.
  2. flash
    Removable component of memory storage space.

    Used on the router or switch for storing the compressed operating system image.
  3. global configuration mode
    From privileged mode,

    For configuring global parameters or enter other config submodes.
  4. keywords
    Follows a CLI command.

    Are parameters that are used with the command from a set of predefined values.
  5. network baseline
    Collection of data that establishes a reference for network performance and behavior over a period of time.

    Used in the future to assess the health and relative growth of network utilization.
  6. NVRAM
    Nonvolatile RAM (Random-access memory)

    Does not lose its contents when the computer is shut down.
  7. ping sweep
    Network scanning technique used to identify which host IP addresses are operational.
  8. SSH
    Secure Shell Protocol

    Provides a secure remote connection to a host through a TCP application.
  9. strong passwords
    Password that is complex and a minimum of 8 characters.

    Use both numbers and letters.
  10. user executive (EXEC) mode
    Limited CLI mode

    Can change terminal settings, perform basic tests & list system information.
  11. vty
    virtual terminal line

    Reference to text based logical interfaces on an IOS device.

    Accesses using Telnet or SSH to perform admin tasks.

    aka virtual type terminal
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CCNA 1: Ch. 11 Vocab
CCNA 1: Ch. 11 Vocab
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