20 ib Science exam

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    Compressed Gas
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    Flammable and Combustible Materials
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    Oxidizing Materials
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    Materials Causing Immediate and Serious Toxic Effects
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    Materials Causing Other Toxic Effects
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    Biohazardous Infectious Material
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    Corrosive Material
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    Dangerously Reactive Material
  9. on safety label 0 - 5 means
    • 0 is minimal
    • 1 is slight
    • 2 is moderate
    • 3 is serious
    • 4 is extreme 
  10. on safety label...
    right are... 
    • left - health
    • top - fire hazard
    • right - reactivity 
  11. describe a supplier label
    it has warning symbols, first aid, and the procedgers if something happens. affects and instructions of use.
  12. what is independent and dependent varible?
    independent you can change the dependent you can't
  13. synthesis chemical reactions
    two ro more reactants that combine to be one product
  14. Decomposition chemical reaction
    where one reactant breaks up into two or more products
  15. Single displacement chemical reaction
    where one part of a reactant separates and joins another reactant.

    ex: A + BC ---> C + BA 
  16. Double Displacement  chemical reactions
    the positive ion of one reactant displaces the posative ion of the other reactant.

    AB + CD ---> AD + CB 
  17. Combustion chemical reaction
    involves and reactant and oxygen and the product is always CO2  and water
  18. H O F Br I N Cl
    when by themselves they will always have 2
  19. which way does the scientific notation go? 
    • right when posotive
    • left whe negative 
  20. acceleration ia m/s2
  21. nutons first law?
    nutrons first law states the a object at rest will remain at rest unless acted on by an outside force.
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