Sterile Process

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  1. How do you wash your hands differently during surgical asepsis?
    • 2 minute hand wash with antimicrobial soap
    • Rinse with fingertips up
    • Dry hands with sterile towel
  2. When is surgical asepsis necessary?
    • During procedures that require intentional perforation of the client’s skin
    • When the skin’s integrity is broken as a result of trauma, surgical incision or burns
    • During procedures that involve insertion of catheters or surgical instruments into sterile body cavities
  3. What are 7 principles of surgical asepsis?
    • A sterile object remains sterile only when touched by something sterile
    • Only sterile objects may be placed on a sterile field
    • A sterile object or field out of the range of vision or an object held below the waist is contaminated
    • A sterile object or field becomes contaminated with prolonged exposure to air
    • When a sterile surface comes in contact with a wet non-sterile surface, the sterile object or field becomes contaminated by capillary action
    • Fluid flows from the direction of gravity
    • The edges of a sterile field or container are considered contaminated
  4. What is the sterile field?
    Sterile work area that provides for room for handling or placing sterile items
  5. What items may be placed in the sterile field?
    Sterile items must be carefully placed on the sterile field
  6. What is the procedure for creating a sterile field?
    • Hand Hygiene
    • Open sterile packages: No reaching over allowed!
    • Away
    • Side…side
    • Toward
    • Adding to sterile field
    • Pouring solution
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