Test 3 Review

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  1. Which of the following is not a power of the presiding officers of the legislature?
    interpreting laws and give advisory opinions
  2. The Legislative Council has the responsibility to
    provide research support, information, and bill-drafting to legislators.
  3. The House Calendars Committee controls
    flow of legislation from the committees to the house floor.
  4. The appointive power of the presiding officers means that
    • -the action of a committee on specific legislation is usually predictable.
    • -the presiding officers can use their power of appointment to reward friends and supporters.
    • -opponents of the presiding officers can be punished.
    •  --all of these
  5. How are committee chairs in each legislative chamber
    The presiding officers make the appointments.

  6. Standing committees also are known as
    little legislatures
  7. Tagging, which permits a committee hearing to be
    occurs in the Senate
  8. Which of the following statements about legislative committees in Texas is correct
    Legislative committee activity is proportionately less, and the power of the bureaucracy and special interests is proportionately more, than in some other jurisdictions
  9. Which method can be used only in the Senate to delay and thereby kill a legislative measure
  10. A conference committee is necessary
    to resolve bill differences between the two chambers
  11. If the governor refuses to sign a bill, it
    • becomes law in ten days if the legislature is in session
    • becomes law in twenty days if the legislature is out of session
  12. Which of the following is not a function of the Legislative Budget Board
    providing research, computing and printing support for legislators, and helping them draft legislative proposals
  13. Which group prefers a decentralized style of government
    • special-interest groups
    • bureaucrats
    • legislative leadership
  14. Which of the following does not provide an opportunity for the governor to have influence on both the legislative and administrative policy
    the Texas Constitution
  15. Which of the following statements best describes a Texas governor’s term in office?
    four years per term, with no limit on the number of terms
  16. The governor’s ability to influence the making and executing of government policy depend on all the following except
    his or her prior experience as a legislator
  17. According to the text, the most influential bargaining tools of the governor are
  18. Once a special session of the legislature has been called, the agenda is determined by the
    the governor
  19. Which of the following terms best describes the executive branch
  20. One of the most persuasive tools the governor has is the
    threat the veto
  21. Which state officials usually have budget power that is more powerful than that of the governor
    the Legislative Budget Board
  22. The legislature has the constitutional power to override the governor’s veto
    by a two-thirds vote
  23. The governor’s authority to reject a proposed law is almost an absolute power because
    the legislature is seldom in session when the governor issues a veto.
  24. The presession bargaining tool of the governor seeks which of the following
  25. Texas has a plural executive, which means that
    the governor shares executive power with several other independently elected executives and boards
  26. The attorney general is the lawyer for which of the
    • state officials
    • state board members
    • state agencies
    • -all of these
  27. What is the most important constitutional duty for the comptroller of public accounts
    certifying the approximate biennial revenue for the state
  28. The executive powers for the office of lieutenant governor comes from
    the legislative branch.
  29. A system that gives elected officials considerable discretion in employment and promotion decisions is called
    a spoils system
  30. Government employees who expose bureaucratic excesses, blunders, corruption, or favoritism are called
  31. Bureaucracies are characterized by all of the following except
  32. Civil Service is
    an employment system used by governments that takes merit into account in hiring and promotion
  33. Which state official is responsible for the certifying the state’s income and has the responsibility of being the chief tax collector
    the comptroller of public accounts
  34. An interest group that benefits from the programs of the state administrative agencies is known as which of the following
    a clientele group
  35. Which of the following officials has ultimate responsibility for the actions of the Texas bureaucracy
    No single official in the Texas government has ultimate responsibility
  36. Which of the following best describes a bureaucracy
    the system of nonelected officials administrating government policies and programs
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