263 STIs for Test 2

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  1. Yiest   Infection Vulvovaginal Candidiasis          Moniliasis
    Thick   curd-like whitish vaginal discharge, severe itching, dysuria,   dyspareunia.  Male may have itching,   rash and/or excoriation of penis.
  2. Bacterial   Vulvovaginitis
    excessive   amounts of thin, watery, yellow-gray to whitish vagina discharge with   "Fishy" odor although 50% of women are asymptomatic
  3. Trichomoniasis
    yellowish-green   "frothy" discharge accompanied by inflammation of vagina &   cervix, dysuria, dyspareunia.  Male may   be asymptomatic
  4. Chlamydia
    often   asymptomatic but may include thin or purulent discharge, burning/frequency   with urination, lower abdominal pain, dyspareunia, bleeding between periods,   reddened, swollen or excoriated external genitalia
  5. Gonorrhea
    often   asymptomatic but may include thin or purulent greenish-yellow discharge,   burning/frequency with urination, inflammation and swelling of vulva.  Cervix may appear eroded and swollen.  Male may have discharge, dysuria and   urinary frequency
  6. Syphilis
    Primary   Stage: painless cancre appears at the site where the organism invaded the   body (usually cervical or vaginal wall).    Lasts 3-6 weeks                                                                    Secondary Stage: 6-week to 6 month after appearance of chancre; rash   on palms of hands and soles of feet, accompanied by fever, malaise &   headache.  Condylomata lata (skin   lesions that resemble warts) appear on genitals.                                                                                                                           Latent Stage: if not treated will enter dormancy stage; small risk of   transmission to partner but could transmit to fetus                                                           Tertiary Stage: widespread serious organ dysfunction affecting the   brain, eyes, musculoskeletal system, & heart
  7. Herpes   Genitalis
    Same   for both types!  Primary episode-   blisterlike vesicles that appear a few days to 20 days after exposure.  Rupture spontaneously to form extremely   painful, open, ulcerated lesion, dysuria, flu-like symptoms, genital puritis   or tingling.  Also may have inguinal   lymph node enlargement.  Symptoms last   2-3 weeks.  After lesion heals, virus   dormant residing in nerve ganglia of affected area.  Male may have lesions, greenish-yellow   discharge, dysuria, urinary frequency.
  8. Human   Papilloma Virus (HPV)
    single   or multiple soft, grayish-pink, cauliflower-like lesions located in genital   area (vulva, vaginal, cervix, perineum, anus, penis) May be asymptomatic or   associated with itching, irritating vaginal discharge, dyspareunia or   post-coital bleeding.  Incubation   following exposure is 3 weeks to 3 years.
  9. Hepatitis   B Virus (HBV)
    jaundice,   fatigue, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, joint   pain.  May be asymptomatic.
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