World Music, chapters 1 and 3

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  1. sound scape
    Characteristic sounds of a particular place, both human and none human. ( Canadian Composer R Murry Schafer)
  2. music-culture
    a groups total involvment with music: Ideas, actions, institutions, material objects. How people live and exist and identify through music.
  3. Music
    Sounds that people make under a cultural domain. Has human meaning. Humanly patterened or organized.
  4. Rhythm
    patterend reoccurrence of events
  5. metrical rhythms
    time-relationship between sounds patterned in a regular reoccurrence.
  6. polyrhythms
    more then 1 rhythm simultaneous
  7. free rhythm
    non metrical
  8. poly meter
    more then one meter at a time
  9. melody
    the part of music that goes up and down. The part people sing along with.
  10. pitch
    how high or low a sound is
  11. timbre
    tone quality
  12. ornamentation
    added decretive tones
  13. scale
    set order of pitches
  14. harmony
    music different then melody
  15. texture
    relationship between melody and harmony
  16. monophonic
    single melody, no harmony.
  17. heterophonic
    when 2 or more voices elaborate the same melody in different ways at roughly the same time.
  18. polyphonic
    2 distinct melodies are combined (Bach)
  19. homophonic
    2 or more voices combined where 1 seems to dominate and the other seems to accompany.
  20. Phrase
    combiations of sounds in succession
  21. form
    the structure of a musical performance: principles of how it was put together and how it works.
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