Client Communication

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  1. What do you say when a general prospect asks "what do you do for a living?
    I say "You know how the media is talking about the decline of the middle class? Well, I help middle class families become wealthy families."
  2. What question can I use to prequalify a prospect prior to an appointment?
    In preparing for our appointment, it would be helpful for me to have an idea of your investable assets. Would you be comfortable providing me with an estimate?
  3. If someone doesn't pass the prequalification, or I get a feeling that they don't fit the type of practice I am trying to build, how should I respectfully decline their interest?
    Mr./Ms. Prospect, based upon what you have told me about your financial situation, I'm not sure an appointment makes sense right now. I would like to send you some further information on how we help clients, and you can call me if you are interested. 
  4. What is my cold script for business owners?
    Mr/Ms. Business Owner, my name is Tonee Mwamba, from Pinnacor Finanical, and the reason for my call is that I specialize in working with successful owners of ______________ like you. I understand your industry, and I am convinced that if you give me the opportunity to meet you and find out more about your circumstances, I could show you some ways to improve your bottom line. I will be in your area next Monday. Could we schedule a brief appointment? 
  5. What is a good cold script for highly compensated executives?
    Mr. Ms. Executive, my name is Tonee Mwamba with Pinnacor Financial and the reason for my call is that I specialize in working with successful and highly compensated exectutives like you. I understand that there is a lot of complexity to your deferred compensation, stock options, and retirement plans. If you would be willing to give me the opportunity, I know I could provide you with valuable information on how to maximize your benefits and minimize your taxes. Would you be available for a brief introductory meeting on Friday?
  6. What is my script for past contacts?
    Mr. Ms. Past Contact, this is Tonee Mwamba and I wanted to have the opportunity to reconnect with you. I had the pleasure of being your advisor at Fidelity a while back. I am currently working with Pinnacol Finanical which is part of the Fidelity private advisor network. Not only do I have access to the resources of Fidelity, but we also have a stronger overall team and wealth management process. I would like to have the opportunity to visit with you to find out more about your current circumstances and see if we could provide some value above what you currently have. Would you be receptive to meeting with me and taking the opportunity to reconnect?
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