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  1. Bills marked up
    Bills that have been amended or otherwise changed while in a legislative committee
  2. Blocking Bill
    a bill placed early on the senate calendar that will never be considered by the full senate. Its purpose is to require 2/3 of the senators to vote to suspend the senate rule that requires bills to be taken off the calendar in chronological order. The effect is that any bill apperaing later on the calendar must have the support of 2/3 of the senate if it is to be allowed to come up for debate and passage
  3. Bureaucratic oversight
    the legislative function of monitoring administrators to make sure they are administering the laws according to legislative intent
  4. Bureaucracy
    the system of nonelected officials administering government policies and programs
  5. calendar
    the list of bills reported out of committee and ready for consideration by the house or the senate
  6. cloture
    a parliamentary move to stop legislative debate and force a floor vote; known as closure
  7. Committee of the whole
    the entire senate acting as a committee. Its purpose is to allow the senate to relax its rules and thereby expedite legislation
  8. conference committee
    An ad-hoc committee that meets to resolve differances between senate and house versions of the same legislation
  9. conference committee report
    a compromise between the house and the senate versions of a bill reached by a conference committee. It may not be ameded by either house,but must either be rejected, accepted, or sent back to the committee for more work
  10. discharge petition
    a legislative process for rescuing a pigeonholed bill from a committee. it is seldom used
  11. Filibuster
    An attempt by a senator to delay a bill by unlimited debate. The speaker hopes to focus attention on the bill, elicit a compromise on some point, or forced the withdrawl of the bill from consideration. Unlike the US senator, a Texas senator may not surrender the floor to antoher sympathetic senator in order to continue the filibuster
  12. floor
    the part of the capitol building where the senate or the house meets. The term can aslo be applied to the senate or house cating as a whole to debate, amend, vote on, enact, pass, or defeat proposed legislation
  13. floor leader
    the legislators who are responsible for getting legislation passed or defeated. Their job is to negotiate, bargain, and compromise beacuse they are in the center of political communication
  14. Legislative Audit committee
    • their function is to appoint and govern the state auditor, who with the consent of the senate, heads the state auditor's office and serves at the pleasure of the committee
    • appointed by the presiding officers
    • four senators and four representatives with equal rep from the two major political parties
  15. Legislative Budget Board
    the body responsible for proposing the legislature's version of the proposed biennial budget. The governor also proposes a budget to the legislature
  16. Legislative Council
    the body that provides research support, infomation, and bill drafting assistance to legislators
  17. little legistures
    another name for standing committees because most of the work of legislation occurs in committees
  18. pigeonholed
    Eliminated from consideration by committee vote. if the committee considering a bill votes to table the bill, it has been pigeonholed and is effectively killed
  19. point of order
    a formal question concerning the legitmacy of a legislative process. A successful point of order can result in the postponement or defeat of legislation
  20. recorded vote
    votes in which the names of those who ast the vote are recorded in the house journal
  21. Sunset Advisory Commission
    a body that systematically evaluates most government agencies and departments adn may recommend restructuring, abolishing, or altering the jurisdiction of an agency
  22. suspension of the rule
    the setting aside of the rules of the legislative body so that another set of rules can be used
  23. tagging
    a senate rule that allows a senator to stop consideration of a bill by the standing committee for 48 hrs
  24. voice vote
    vote cast by lawmaker but that is not recorded in the offical record as that lawmaker's vote
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