Gordon's Functional Health Patterns

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  1. Health Perception/Health Management
    • Assists individuals families or groups who may have:
    • Limited knowledge/understanding of their current health status
    • How to achieve/maintain good health
    • Problems in this health pattern are a result of lack of perception and management
  2. Activity and Exercise
    • Focuses on ADL’s and the amount of energy available to the individual to support these activities
    • Includes all aspects of maintaining self and leisure activities
    • Will include dysfunctions of cardiac, respiratory and neuromuscular function because energy and mobility are dependent upon them
  3. Nutrition & Metabolism
    • Focuses on food and fluid intake and the body’s use of that intake
    • Problems may arise from a physiologic illness or psychological illness, ie.¬† stress, under eating/overeating¬†
    • Sociologic - income, inadequate storage, cultural food preferences
    • Looks at the whole relationship between food and function
  4. Elimination
    • Focuses on bowel and bladder functioning
    • May be primary reason for seeking healthcare or may be a secondary problem to impaired mobility
    • Includes habits of excretory irregularity, aids for regularity, or devices for incontinence
  5. Sleep-Rest Pattern
    • Includes relaxation sleep and rest
    • Looks specifically on how a pt. rates / judges the adequacy in terms of quantity or quality
    • Looks at energy level in response to adequacy and use of sleep aids
  6. Cognitive-Perceptual Pattern
    • Initial step in assessment paramount in maintaining and returning to health
    • How a pt thinks, perceives, and incorporates those processes in their life to best adapt and function
    • Deals with how a pt thinks, their thought processes, and knowledge (both acquisition and application
    • Perception– interpretation of sensory stimuli
  7. Self Perception-Self Concept
    • Client contributes self-knowledge through interactions with the nurse or other members of the healthcare team
    • Composed of beliefs attitudes and values about the self, body image, self esteem and information about abilities
    • Determinant of pts. interaction with others
    • Affected by experiences prior and during the course of Illness
  8. Role-Relationship Pattern
    • Concerned with how a person feels they are performing an expected behavior delineated by the self and others
    • Can include family and work roles/responsibilities roles, work and social/cultural roles
    • Can also be important in patient teaching as a source of strength
  9. Sexuality-Reproductive Pattern
    • Focuses on the sexual/reproductive aspects of an individual over the entire life span.
    • Involve sex role behavior (and how we relate to each other, gender ID, physiologic and biologic functioning, cultural/societal expectations of sexual behavior capability to procreate and express sexual feelings
    • Problems may result from illness, lifestyle, violence, or self - concept
  10. Coping-Stress Tolerance Pattern
    • Ability to respond is affected by a complex interaction of physical social and emotional reactions (physiological/psychosocial)
    • Assessment of this pattern focuses on gaining an understanding¬† of the interaction of those factors
    • Ability to respond to stress has an effect on the well-being of the system
    • Stress Tolerance implies responses to the usual amount of stress
    • Coping refers to the systems pattern of responding to non-routine threats
    • Efforts to master a condition when the usual routine or automatic response may be not readily available
  11. Value-Belief Pattern
    • At core of existence: judgment and interpretation of the meaning of life
    • Interconnectedness with the spiritual side and the environment
    • Gives meaning and purpose to life
    • Disturbances may be mild or severe depending on health problem
    • Faith retention/ability to maintain religious practices beliefs practices and spiritual life
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