Essential SAT Vocabulary

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  1. abase
    deprive of self-esteem, confidence (v.) 

    Dennis felt abased after his parents told him they liked his brother better. 

    syn: belittle  
  2. abstinence
    • denial of an indulgence or appetite (n.) 
    • While in training for the marathon, Elsa's coach insists on abstinence from sugary soft drinks. 

    Syn: self-restraint 

  3. abstract
    apart from actual, specific, concrete ideas or events (adj.)

    The essay would be persuasive if it were less abstract and more specific. 

    Syn: general, unspecific 
  4. abstruse
    hard to understand (adj.) 

    The assigned text was so abstruse I have no idea how I'll pass the test.

    Syn: complex, esoteric  
  5. accessible 
    easy to approach or enter (adj.) 

    We build a ramp to make the house wheelchair accessible.

    Syn: attainable, reachable  
  6. acclaim 
    enthusiastic approval or welcome (n.) 

    The play received rave reviews and nationwide acclaim.

    Syn: celebrate, applaud  
  7. acquiesce
    to submit without protest (v.) 

    Aaron rarely stands up to his wife; he acquiesces to her every whim.

    Syn: assent, agree  
  8. adept 
    skilled (adj.) 

    My mom is adept at making a delicious meal from random ingredients.

    Syn: able, accomplished 
  9. adherence 
    faithful attachment (n.) 

    Strict adherence to every rule is sometimes boring.

    Syn: obedience, devotion  
  10. adroit 
    expert, skilled, or nimble (adj.) 

    Lane is an adroit skier and snowboarder; he makes us all look like beginners.

    Syn: facile, adept  
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