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  1. "anatomy is destiny"
    Freud; one's sex determines one's main personality traits
  2. Men are physically _________ than women
  3. Male children are more susceptible to
    diseases and disabilities
  4. Female children are more neurologically
  5. (Males/Females) have better spatial skills
  6. (Males/Females) have better verbal skills
  7. Turner's syndrome (X0)
    genitalia but no ovaries, timid, weaker in skills
  8. Psychoanalytic approach
    castration anxiety, penis envy, same sex parent identification
  9. Neo-Analytic approach (erikson)
    male traits tied to outward genetalia, female to inward
  10. Neo-analytic aproach (Horney)
    women envy men's opportunity in society, NOT their penises
  11. Neo-analytic approach (Jung)
    Anima (feminine side), animus (masculine side), healthy person incorporates both
  12. Neo-analytic (chodorow)
    boys and girls initial primary identification with mother, boys develop appropriate identity and turn away from identification
  13. Biological approach
    successful reproduction requires dif sexual behaviors for men and women
  14. Behaviorist approach
    gender attaited through reinforcement, modeling, conditioning.
  15. Cognitive approach
    culture and gender-role socialization provide us with gener schemas (cog filters)
  16. Trait approach
    F+M+ andrygynous, F+M- feminine, M-F- undifferentiated, F-M+ masculine
  17. Traits (emotions)
    male babies cry more, female adults cry more
  18. Trait (achievement motivation) says women and men are _________ motivated to achieve
  19. Humanistic approach
    Maslow's self actualized person transcends traditional conceptions of male and female, empathetic and creative (autonomous)
  20. Interactionist approach
    gender relevant activities tied to demands of social situation
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