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  1. Disease prone personalities
    some personalities take greater risks with health, smoking related to rebeliousness, low self esteem and impulsivity
  2. people with emotional disregulations may seek out stimulation or tranquilizing effects of
    cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, junkfood
  3. Zuckerman's sensation seeking
    sensation seeking (love travel active sports) ; thrill seeking (experience, boredom susceptibility)
  4. Farley's type T theory
    T for thrill seeking (eyseneck's idea of intro/extro); need for stimulation must be satisfied appropriately
  5. The Sick role (general)
    people respond to stress by sick role
  6. The sick role (behaviorist)
    escape from stressful situations by becoming 'sick' is rewarding
  7. The sick role (cognitive)
    symptom perception affectd by attention to bodily sensations
  8. Disease-caused personality changes
    somatopsychic effect (oxygen deprivation, down syndrome)
  9. Diathesis-stress
    predisposition of body to a disease or disorder
  10. Personality disorders
    ongoing patterns of behavior impair person's functioning and well being
  11. Type A behavior (coronary proneness)
    tense, competitive, struggle, harmful to health
  12. Human termites sociability
    no link between sociability and longevity
  13. Human termites cheerfulness
    cheerful children died sooner, became smokers, take risks, carefree behavior
  14. human termites stressed
    parental divorced, die sooner, end their own marriages in divorce
  15. Blaming the victim
    reassuring to assume we are different from those who are ill, we want to believe in a predictable world
  16. The self-healing personality
    do not feel powerless to external challenges, feel commited to something meaningfull, respont to life with excitement and energy
  17. types of self-healing personality
    active healthy, relaxed healthy
  18. Growth Orientation (humanistic and existential approach to self-healing)
    self actualization related to self healing personality
  19. identity and purpose (humanistic )
    life philosophies change after serious illness
  20. Sense of coherence
    central to health is the belief that the world is understandable and meaningful
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