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  1. why study culter in personality class?
    external influence help shape who we are, ,waht makes us unique, behaviors and customs we learn from cultures
  2. contributions from cultural anthropology (Mead)
    studied samoan adolescents, less stressful kids than US, they have smooth transition into adulthood
  3. Whiting and whiting (anthropological contributions)
    studied child rearing, mexican and filipino, less alturistic more competitive
  4. Lewin and political culture
    demonstrated that cultural issues can and should be studied, even in rigorousl controlled lab research
  5. two approaches to studying culture
    emic, etic
  6. etic
    cross cultural, focused on generalities, applies assessment from outside into group
  7. emic
    culture specific, focuse on single culture, develops assessments within group
  8. individualistic
    typical of western societies, strive to be individual
  9. collectivist
    easter, focus on relatedness, focus on group
  10. rase as a flawed approach to grouping people
  11. Influence of race in the US
    american dillemna "all men are created equal", yet slaves constituted for 3/5's a person
  12. SES gradient
    higher ses lower risk for disease and premature death
  13. SES on personality are _______ well documented
  14. Language and identity
    defining feature of identity
  15. idiolect
    each's own unique version of native language
  16. dialect
    regional variants and cultural characteristics
  17. Language and thought
    linguistic relativity, people who use a lot of active verbs more field dependent
  18. culture free tests
    culture free intelligence, matrices, geometric figures, not dependent on cultures
  19. Culture fair tests
    rule out effects that result from culture rather than ind.
  20. stereotype threat
    other's judgments will negatively stereotype them (sat identity)
  21. incorporating culture into personality theory
    culture shold be incorporated it influences our goals cognition, health and behavior, and the theories we create
  22. the nature of self
    independent vs cooperative
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