Health glossary

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  1. Alzheimer's Disease 
    The most common type of dementia; characterized by the permanent and progressive loss of the ablity to think and remember caused by damage to brain (chap 38)
  2. Airborne Precautions
    Used when caring for people infected wiith pathogens that can be transmitted through the air; include placing the patient or resident in a private room with the door closed, wearing  a mask when caring for the person, and minimizing the amount of time the person spends out of his or her private rooom
  3. Alvoeli ( singular, Alveolus)
    Grape- like clusters of tiny air sacs in the lungs, where gas exchange takes place ( chap 28)
  4. Amputation
    The surgical removal of all or part of an extremity ( cha 26)
  5. Angina Pectrosis
    The classic chest pain that is felt as a result of the heart muscle being deprived of oxygen  (chap 28)
  6. Aphasia
    A general term for a group of disorders that affect a person's ability to communicate with others; may be expressive (an inability to form words) or receptive (an inability to understand words); often occurs following a stroke ( chap 29)
  7. Arteries
    The vessels that carry blood away from the heart ( 28)
  8. Atrophy
    The loss of muscle size and strength ( chap 26
  9. AED ( Automated External Defibrillator )
    A small portable device that automatically defects a person's heart rhythm and delivers an electrical shock to the heart to stop fast, abnormal heart beats and restore the heart's normal rhythm  (chap 12)
  10. BLS (Basic Life Support)
    Basic emergency care techniques, such as rescue breathing and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPRF, chap 12)
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