pelvis nerves

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  1. Lumbar plexus roots
    T12-L4 ventral rami
  2. anterior division of lumbar plexus innervates
  3. posterior division of lumbar plexus innervates
  4. subcostal nerve (root, sensory, motor)
    • T12
    • sensory: subxyphoid
    • motor: none
  5. iliohypogastric nerve (root, sensory, motor)
    • L1
    • sensory: above pubis and posterolateral butt
    • motor: transversus abdominis and internal oblique
  6. ilioinguinal nerve (root, sensory, motor)
    • L1
    • sensory: inguinal region and anterosuperior thigh
    • motor: none
  7. genitofemoral nerve (root, sensory, motor)
    • L1-2
    • sensory: scrotum or labia majora
    • motor: cremaster
  8. obturator nerve (root, sensory, motor)
    • L2-4
    • sensory: inferomedial thigh (via cutaneous branch of the obturator nerve)
    • motor: external oblique and obturator externus (posterior division)
  9. accessory obturator nerve (root, sensory, motor)
    • L2-L4
    • sensory: none
    • motor: psoas
  10. nerves of the posterior division of the lumbar plexus
    • lateral femoral cutaneous
    • femoral
  11. lateral femoral cutaneous nerve (root, sensory, motor)
    • L2-3
    • sensory: lateral thigh
    • motor: none
  12. femoral nerve (root, sensory, motor)
    • L2-4
    • sensory: anteromedial thigh via the anterior and intermediate cutaneous nerves
    • motor: psoas, pectineus, sartorius, quadriceps
  13. course of subcostal n
    inferior to 12th rib
  14. course of iliohypogastric
    under psoas and pierces abdominal muscles
  15. course of ilioinguinal
    under psoas and pierces abdominal muscles
  16. course of genitofemoral
    pierces psoas muscel and lies on the anterior surface of psoas muscle
  17. course of oburator
    exits via oburator canal and splits into ant and post divisions
  18. how obturator n can be injured during surgery
    by retractors placed behind the transverse acetabular ligament (TAL)
  19. course of lateral femoral cutanous n
    runs on iliacus and crosses inferior to the ASIS
  20. meralgia paresthetica
    compression of the lateral femoral cutaneous n as it crosses below the ASIS
  21. course of femoral n
    lies between psoas and iliacus
  22. lumbosacral plexus roots
    ventral rami of L4-S3
  23. nerve to quadratus femoris (root, sensory, motor)
    • L4-S1
    • sensory: none
    • motor: quadratus femoris and inferior gemelli
  24. nerve to oburator internus (root, sensory, motor)
    • L5-S2
    • sensory:none
    • motor: obturator internus and superior gemeli
  25. pudendal nerve (root, sensory, motor)
    • S2-4
    • sensory: perineum
    • motor: bulbospongious (perineal n), ischiocavernosus (perineal), urethral spincter (perineal), urogenital diaphragm (perineal), and sphincter ani externus (inferior rectal n)
  26. nerve to coccygeus (root, sensory, motor)
    • S3-4
    • sensory: none
    • motor: coccygeus and levator ani
  27. superior gluteal nerve (root, sensory, motor)
    • L4-S1
    • sensory: none
    • Motor: gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, tensor fasciae latae
  28. inferior gluteal nerve (root, sensory, motor)
    • L5-S2
    • sensory: none
    • motor: gluteus maximus
  29. nerve to piriformis (root, sensory, motor)
    • S2
    • sensory: none
    • motor: piriformis
  30. posterior femoral cutaneous nerve (root, sensory, motor)
    • S1-3
    • sensory: inferior butt (inf cluneal nerves), posterior perineum (perineal branches), posterior thigh
    • motor: none
  31. sciatic nerve root
  32. superior cluneal nerve (root, sensory, motor)
    • L1-3
    • sensory: superior 2/3 of butt
    • motor: none
  33. medial cluneal nerve (root, sensory, motor)
    • S1-S3
    • sensory: sacral and medial butt
    • motor: none
  34. course of n to quadratus femorus
    exits greater sciatic foramen
  35. course of n to obturator internus
    exits greater sciatic foramen
  36. course of pudendal n
    exits greater sciatic foramen, then renters pelvis through lesser sciatic foramen
  37. course of n to coccygeus
    directly innervates coccygeus
  38. course of superior gluteal n
    exits greater sciatic foramen above the piriformis
  39. course of the inferior gluteal n
    exits greater sciatic foramen
  40. course of posterior femoral cutaneous n
    exits via greater sciatic foramen, under the piriformis, medial to sciatic n
  41. course of the sciatic n
    exits greater sciatic foramen under piriformis
  42. during post approach to hip, how do you proctect the sciatic?
    reflecting the short ext rotators
  43. largest nerve in the body
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