Medical Terminology

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  1. Adrenal Glands
    There are two adrenal glands located above the kidneys. They are triangular in shape and are composed of two parts:

    1) cortex: which is the outer layer of the gland (if you sliced through it and looked at a cross section).

    2) medulla: the interior of the cross section. This part functions to secrete epinephrine and norepinephrine (determines fight or flight)

    -The adrenal glands also synthesize cortisol (a steroid released in response to stress and low FSBS) 
  2. Addison's Disease
    A condition in which there is chronic deficiency of the adrenal cortex. 

    Sx's include: fatigability, weakness, weight loss, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, emotional instability, discoloration of skin 
  3. Cushing's disease
    Excessive production of the hormone of the adrenal cortex. 

    Sx's: redistribution of fat to the upper torso, neck and shoulders (giving a buffalo appearance). A fattened round moon face, purplish streaks in the skin of abd., thighs, and arms. Development of male body characteristics, HTN, high FSBS.
  4. Conn's Syndrome
    Caused by tumors of the adrenal glands which manifacture a specialized hormone.

    Sx's: various (weakness, paralysis, excessive thirst, excessive urination, HA), but mostly include HTN. 
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