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  1. Innovators
    Innovators are successful, sophisticated, take-charge people with high self-esteem
  2. Thinkers
    • Thinkers are motivated by ideals. They are mature, satisfied,
    • comfortable, and reflective people who value order, knowledge, and
    • responsibility.
  3. Believers
    • Believers are motivated by ideals. They are conservative,
    • conventional people with concrete beliefs based on traditional,
    • established codes: family, religion, community, and the nation.
  4. Achievers
    Motivated by the desire for achievement, Achievers have goal-oriented lifestyles and a deep commitment to career and family.
  5. Strivers
    Strivers are trendy and fun loving. Because they are motivated by achievement, Strivers are concerned about the opinions and approval of others. Money defines success
  6. Experiencers
    Experiencers are motivated by self-expression. Young, enthusiastic, and impulsive consumers, Experiencers quickly become enthusiastic about new possibilities but are equally quick to cool.
  7. Makers
    Makers are motivated by self-expression. They express themselves and experience the world by working on it—building a house, raising children, fixing a car, or canning vegetables—and have enough skill and energy to carry out their projects successfully.
  8. Survivors
    Survivors live narrowly focused lives. Because they have few resources with which to cope, they often believe that the world is changing too quickly.
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