Oklahoma History Unit 2

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  1. List the primary motive of the following country's presence in the new world: Spain, France & England
    • Spain - Wanted Wealth
    • France - Lucrative Fur Trade
    • England - Wanted land
  2. List the first colony established by the following countries in the New World and its location: Spain, France & England
    • Spain - St Augustine
    • France - first trading post in Canada
    • England
  3. By the early 1700's, what countryhad claimied most of Texas and all land south and west oto the Pacific Ocean?
  4. What country claimed the Mississippi River drainage basin?
  5. What two countries fought in the French/Indian War?
    France & Great Britain
  6. Over what geographical area was the French/Indian war fought?
    Ohio River Valley
  7. In 1762, what country entered the French/Indian war to help France?
  8. Who won the French/Indian war?
    Great Britain
  9. What treaty ofically ended the French/Indian war?
    Treaty of Paris
  10. As a result of defeat in this war, what were the consequences for France, Spain, and the Indians who had helped?
    They were forced to give up land
  11. How did the French/Indian war change the boundaries of America?
    It set permanent land boundaries
  12. After the French/Indian war, the King Of England enraged the colonists by using what method to get the colonists to help pay for this war?
  13. The colonists revolted and started what war against Great Britain?
    Revolutionary War
  14. Who won the Revolutionary War?
  15. The Americans living on the west side of the Appalachian Mountains needed to access to what river in order to get their crops to market more efficiently?
  16. American boundaries extended to the Mississippi River but America did not own the river and had to negotiate an agreement with what country to use the river?
  17. When this negotiated agreement to use the river had expired, America went to negotiate an extension to use the river and found out is had been givent o what country?
  18. America, now concerned about national security and an attack from France, approached France's leader about the possibility of purchasing New Orleans from France. Who was france's leader at this time?
    Napolean Bonaparte
  19. France rejected the American proposal and intended to take over the Mississippi River. What event caused France's leader to change his mind?
    Yellow Fever Epidemic
  20. France offered to sell all of their American holdings (Louisiana) to the U.S. for what price?
    $15 Million
  21. How many acres did we purchase from France?
    600 Million
  22. What was the cost per acre?
  23. Who led the first official expedition into the Louisiana Purchase?
    Sir William Dunbar
  24. Who led the second expedition (1st in Oklahoma) into the Louisiana Purchase?
    Captain Richard Sparks
  25. Did the Sparks expedition complete it's mission?
  26. Who led the thir expedition into the Louisiana Purchase?
    Zebulon M. Pike
  27. Major Stephen H Long was sent on 5 expeditions to the Louisiana Purchase. What fort was he responsible for establishing?
    Fort Smith
  28. What effect does the report of Stephen H Long have on Indian removal?
    It says the land is only suitable for natives
  29. What was the name of the treaty that established firm boundaries between America and Spain?
    Adam-Onis Treaty
  30. Where was the first trading post established in Indian Territory?
  31. In 1821 a trade route was established with Spain. What Spanish town was used as a trading outpost?
    Santa Fe
  32. What U.S. President favored "Assimilation" for the Indians in 1803?
    Thomas Jefferson
  33. What were the 3 reasons the War of 1812 was fought?
    Gain Respect, Stop British Colonization, Brittish Impressment
  34. What problem was created when Missouri wanted to become a slave state in 1817?
    It upset the balance of the free-to-slave states
  35. What was the solution presented by Henry Clay in 1820?
    Missouri Compromise
  36. List 3 things this proposal did to maintain sectional balance.
    • Missouri becase a slave state
    • Maine became a free state
    • Prohibited slavery north of Missouri's southern boundary
  37. What doed it mean to "Migrate"?
    Move from one place to another
  38. What does it mean to "Cede"?
    To turn over
  39. What fort established in 1824 to protect southern Indian Territory from an attack from Mexico?
    Fort Gibson
  40. What was the name given to the land in Indian Territory given to the Arkansas Cherokees in 1828?
    Indian Territory
  41. What is "Subsistence"?
    The minimal amount of food to sustain life
  42. What is "Assimilation"?
    The process of one group becoming part of another
  43. What President in 1828 favored removal of the Indians?
    Andrew Jackson
  44. List the 5 tribes considered to be "Civilized"
    Choctaw, Creek, Chickasaw, Cherokee, Seminole
  45. Who invented a writing system for the Cherokees?
  46. What was hit writing system called?
    Cherokee Syllabary
  47. How many symbols were in the Cherokee alphabet?
  48. Since the Cherokees were educated, what did they do to try to get Georgia to stop the abuse and the illegal laws?
    Use the U.S. Legal System
  49. What wast he outcome of the attempt of the Cherokees to stop abuse and illegal laws?
    It failed as Georgia didn't recognize them as independent
  50. How did President Jackson respond to this ruling by the Supreme Court?
    He refused to enforce the decision
  51. What year was the Indian Removal Act signed?
  52. Was the intent of the Indian Removal Act to be voluntary or mandatory removal?
  53. What would those Indians deciding to stay have to do?
    Become citizens
  54. What was the first tribe officially removed?
  55. What year was the removal of the Choctaw Indians?
  56. What was the name of the treaty that removed the Choctaw tribe?
    Choctaw boundary
  57. Who was the Choctaw Chief during removal?
  58. Who was the government agent assigned to help the Choctaw removal?
    George Gains
  59. What were "Rations"?
    A limit to supply an item
  60. What term was used to describe the Choctaw removal?
    A trail of tears and death
  61. What was the second tribe forced to be removed?
  62. What were the names of the 2 factions of the Creek Tribe?
    Upper & Lower
  63. Who was the leader of each Creek Tribe faction?
    William McIntosh, Menowa
  64. What did the leader of the Lower Creeks sign in 1825?
    Treaty of Indian Springs
  65. What happened to the leader of the Lower Creeks after signing the treaty in 1825?
    He was killed
  66. Who was his son?
    Chilly McIntosh
  67. What did he do as a result of the Creeks action?
    Moved them
  68. What was the third tribe removed?
  69. What year waw the Chickasaw Tribe moved?
  70. What did the government do to trick the Chickasaw Tribe out of their land?
    They overrode their government
  71. What is an "Allotment"?
    A specified portion of land
  72. Which tribe had the "smoothest" removal?
  73. Which was the 4th tribe to be removed?
  74. Who was the Principal Chief of the Cherokee Tribe during their removal?
    John Ross
  75. What did the state of Georgia do in 1828 that caused problems for the Cherokee Tribe?
    Claimed all indian land within state boundary
  76. To whom did the Cherokee's appeal?
    U.S. Supreme Court
  77. What was the decision rendered by the Supreme Court in 1832 (Worcester vs. Georgia)?
    The Georgia law was declared invalid
  78. How did President Jackson respond to this decision?
    He ignored it
  79. What discovery fueled the frenzy for Indian land in Georgia?
  80. What is a "Lottery"?
    A contest whose winner is chosen at random
  81. List 4 people who signed a treaty in 1835 against wishes of John Ross (Cherokee Chief)?
    Major Ridge, John Ridge, Elias Boudinot, Shand Watie
  82. What was the name of the treaty signed in 1835 against the wishes of John Ross?
    Treaty of New Echota
  83. What is a "Stockade"?
    Enclosure made of posts & stakes
  84. What is the name of the document signed by the Cherokees in an attempt to bring peace among the 3 factions of teh Cherokees in 1840?
    Act of Union
  85. Whice was the 5th and last civilized tribe to be removed?
  86. Who was the leader of the 5th tribe to be removed who waged war on whites from 1835-1842?
  87. Why was this removal the most expensive for the government?
    They had to move then and go into war. $20 Million. 1500 Soldiers Died
  88. What was the mission of the Stokes Commission?
    They worked out problems
  89. Was the Stokes Commission abel to help out the Indians?
  90. What things did the Stokes Commission do to help the Indians?
    They helped them solve problems harmlessly
  91. Why were a lot of forts built in the territory during the 1st half of the 1800's?
    To maintain peace among the many native american tribes
  92. What is an "Academy"?
    A school similar to a present day high school
  93. Mexico had allowed Americans to live in Mexican owned Texas. What 3 reasons caused the Texans to revolt?
    Ban Slavery, Convert to Catholicism, Stop American Settlement
  94. When did texas become a state?
  95. How many towns were in Indian Territory when the Indians arrived?
  96. What conditions were most Indians in when they arrived in Indian Territory?
    Lost everything, most were sick or devestated because of lost loved ones
  97. Did the government fulfill their part of the treaties by providing the Indians with supplies?
  98. What happened to the tribes who had money?
    Dishonest traders charged them overpriced charges
  99. What was the first order of business for the tribes once they arrived in the territory?
    Food, Clothing, Shelter
  100. When was the first Choctaw constitution written?
  101. In 1860, where was the Chocataw Nation finally located?
  102. In 1834, the Choctaw's adopted a new constitution that gave lawmaking power to whom?
    27 Elected council members
  103. Why did missinaries say Choctaw children needed to be educated?
    To co-exist with the white people
  104. Were all Choctaw sold on this idea of a white man's education?
  105. What is a "Mission"?
    Building/Compound belonging to a group sent out on religious work
  106. In 1854, what did Fort Towson become?
    Choctaw nation's capital
  107. What year did the Creek finally join a single government?
  108. In 1848, where did the Creeks establish a capital?
    o-hi-a-hul-way near present day Council Hill, Muskogee county
  109. The Chickasaw were a part of the Choctaw Nation until what year?
  110. Why were the Chickasaw slower to develop as a nation?
    They slowly settled further on land
  111. When was the first Chickasaw law printed?
  112. When did the Chickasaw tribe adopt it's first written constitution?
  113. In what year did the Chickasaws establish their own government?
  114. Who was teh principal chief of the Cherokees after 1839?
    John Looney
  115. What was the capital fo the Cherokee Nation?
  116. Were the Cherokees dedicated to educating their children?
  117. What tribe in Indian Territory did the Seminoles not get along with?
  118. When was a treaty signed which separated the Seminole from the Creek?
  119. Where was the Seminole Nation located?
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