Art History Ch 1-4 Vocab

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  1. Corbel or corbelling
    Early roofing technique that results in a high, almost pointed arch.
  2. henge
    Circular area enclosed by stones or wood posts set up by Neolithic people. Bounded by a ditch and raised enbankments.
  3. post-and-lintel
    architectural system of construction with two or more vertical elements supporting a horizontal element.
  4. modeling
    • Paiting: the process of creating the illusion of 3dimensionality on a two dimension surface.
    • In sculpture: process of molding a 3dimensional form out of a malleable substance.
  5. cuneiform
    Early form of writing with wedge shaped marks impressed into wet clay with a stylus. Primarily used by ancient Mesopotamians.
  6. hieratic scale
    Use of different sizes for powerful or holy figures and for ordinary people to indicate relative importance in art. Large figure = great importance.
  7. lost-wax casting
    Method of casting metal, such as bronze. Wax mold is covered with clay and plaster, then fired, melting the wax and leaving a hollow form. Molten metal is poured into the hollow and slowly cooled. When the shell is removed, a solid metal form remains to be polished.
  8. palace complex
    Group of buildings used for living and governing by a ruler and his/her supporters. Usually fortified .
  9. register
    Device used in systems of spatial definition
  10. relief sculpture
    3d image or design whose flat background surface is carved away to a certain depth
  11. stele
    Stone slab placed vertically and decorated with inscriptions or reliefs. Used as a grave marker.
  12. Votive figure
    Image created as a devotional offering to a god or other deity.
  13. ziggurat
    Mesopotamian stepped tower of earthen materials, often supporting a shrine.
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