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  1. 6to4
    IPv6 tunneling protocol, starts with 2002:/16
  2. 6in4
    IPv6 NAT-traversal tunneling protocol
  3. AAA
    Authentication Authorization and Accounting
  4. AES
    Advanced Encryption Standard, a powerful 128-bit block cipher
  5. APIPA
    Automatic Private Internet Protocol Addressing
  6. ARIN
    American Registry for Internet Numbers
  7. ARP
    Address Resolution Protocol, translates IP into MAC
  8. ASP
    Application Service Provider
  9. ATM
    Asynchronous Transfer Mode
  10. BERT
    Bit-Error Rate Test
  11. BGP
    Border Gateway Protocol
  12. BPDU
    Bridge Protocol Data Unit
  13. BPL
    Broadband over Power Line
  14. BSS
    Basic Service Set
  15. CARP
    Cache Array Routing Protocol
  16. CHAP
    Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
  17. CIDR
    Classless Inter Domain Routing
  18. DOCSIS
    Data-Over-Cable Service Interface Specification
  19. DSL
    Digital Subscriber Line
  20. DSU
    Data Service Unit
  21. DSSS
    Direct-Sequence Spread-Spectrum
  22. DWDM
    Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing
  23. EAP
    Extensible Authentication Protocol
  24. EGP
    Exterior Gateway Protocol
  25. EIGRP
    Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
  26. ESP
    Encapsulated Security Packets
  27. ESS
    Extended Service Set
  28. FHSS
    Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum
  29. SDSL
    Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line
  30. ADSL
    Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
  31. GBIC
    Gigabit Interface Controller
  32. GFS
    Grandfather, Father, Son
  33. GPG
    GNU Privacy Guard
  34. HSRP
    Hot Standby Router Protocol
  35. IANA
    Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
  36. ICA
    Independent Computing Architecture (similar to RDP)
  37. ICANN
    Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
  38. ICMP
    Internet Control Message Protocol
  39. ICS
    Internet Connection Sharing
  40. IDF
    Intermediate Distribution Frame, telecommunications room
  41. IBSS
    Independent Basic Service Set (used in wireless ad hoc mode)
  42. IGP
    Interior Gateway Protocol
  43. IGMP
    Internet Group Multicast Protocol
  44. IMAP4
    Internet Message Access Protocol version 4
  45. IPS
    Intrusion Prevention System
  46. ISAKMP
    Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol
  47. ISDN
    Integrated Services Digital Network
  48. IV
    Initialization Vector
  49. ISATAP
    Intra-Site Auto Tunneling Addr Protocol (adds IPv4 addr onto IPv6 addr)
  50. L2F
    Layer 2 Forwarding
  51. L2TP
    Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol
  52. LACP
    Link Aggregation Control Protocol
  53. LC
    Local Connector
  54. LDAP
    Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
  55. LEC
    Local Exchange Carrier
  56. LTE
    Long Term Evolution
  57. MDF
    Main Distribution Frame, telecommunications room
  58. MDI
    Media Dependent Interface, a regular port on a hub or switch
  59. MDI-X
    Media Dependent Interface Crossover, an uplink port on a hub or switch
  60. MIB
    Management Information Base
  61. MPLS
    Multi-Protocol Label Switching
  62. MX
    Mail Exchanger
  63. NaaS
    Network as a Service
  64. NAC
    Network Access Control
  65. NCP
    Network Control Protocol
  66. NIPS
    Network Intrusion Prevention System
  67. NMS
    Network Management System (uses SNMP)
  68. MT-RJ
    Mechanical Transfer Registered Jack (a small form factor fiber connector)
  69. OCx
    Optical Carrier
  70. OFDM
    Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing
  71. OSPF
    Open Shortest Path First
  72. OTDR
    Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
  73. PAP
    Password Authentication Protocol
  74. PKI
    Public Key Infrastructure
  75. PON
    Passive Optical Network
  76. POP3
    Post Office Protocol version 3
  77. PPP
    Point-to-Point Protocol
  78. PPTP
    Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol
  79. PVC
    Permanent Virtual Circuit
  80. RADIUS
    Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service
  81. RAS
    Remote Access Server (for dial-up or wireless access to a private network)
  82. RDC
    Remote Desktop Connection (Microsoft)
  83. RDP
    Remote Desktop Protocol (Microsoft)
  84. RIP
    Routing Internet Protocol
  85. RSA
    Rivest, Shamir, Adelman
  86. RTP
    Real-time Transport Protocol
  87. RTSP
    Real-Time Streaming Protocol
  88. SIP
    Session Initiation Protocol (runs over RTP, for VoIP)
  89. SSID
    Service Set Identifier (wireless network name)
  90. SLIP
    Serial Line Internet Protocol
  91. SMTP
    Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
  92. SNAT
    Static Network Address Translation
  93. SNTP
    Simple Network Time Protocol
  94. SONET
    Synchronous Optical Network
  95. SPS
    Standby Power Supply
  96. SSL
    Secure Sockets Layer
  97. ST
    Straight Tip or Snap Twist
  98. TACACS+
    Terminal Access Control Access Control System+
  99. TCP
    Transmission Control Protocol
  100. TDR
    Time Domain Reflectometer, a very handle device for testing cables
  101. Teredo
    a NAT-traversal IPv6 tunneling protocol, built into Microsoft Windows
  102. TIA/EIA 568A/B
    industry-standard color codes for UTP cabling
  103. TKIP
    Temporal Key Integrity Protocol
  104. TTL
    Time To Live
  105. UNC
    Universal Naming Convention
  106. URL
    Uniform Resource Locator
  107. VNC
    Virtual Network Connection
  108. VTP
    Virtual Trunk Protocol
  109. WAP
    Wireless Access Point
  110. WEP
    Wired Equivalent Privacy (an outdated encryption protocol)
  111. WINS
    Window Internet Name Service
  112. WPA
    Wi-Fi Protected Access (a decent encryption protocol)
  113. WPA2
    Wi-Fi Protected Access 2, uses the powerful AES for encryption
  114. WPA2-Enterprise
    RADIUS for authentication with WPA2 for encryption
  115. VDSL
    Very High Bit-Rate DSL
  116. VNC
    Virtual Network Computing (free terminal emulation program)
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