Med Terms Relating to the skin

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  1. Cutaneous
    Pertaining to the skin
  2. Dermatology
    The study of the skin
  3. Dermatologist
    Physician specializing in the diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue
  4. Decubitus
    Pressure ulcer/bedsore
  5. Ecchymosis
    Condition in which blood seeps into the skin causing discoloration
  6. Hypodermic
    Pertaining to under the skin
  7. Intradermal
    Pertaining to within the skin
  8. Jaundice
    Yellowness of the skin
  9. Melanin
    Pigment giving color to the skin
  10. Melanoma
    Pigmented tumor of the skin
  11. Pediculosis
    Infestation with lice
  12. Subcutaneous
    Pertaining to below the skin
  13. Tinea
    Ringworm(a fungal infection of the skin)
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