Med Terms Related to the Cardiovascular Systems

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  1. Anginal
    Relating to spasmodic attacks of suffocation pain as a related to an inflammatory condition of the throat or mouth or angina pectoris marked by chest pain due to deficient oxygenation of the heart muscle
  2. Angiocarditis
    Inflammation of heart and vessels
  3. Angioplasty
    Surgical repair of vessels
  4. Arteriosclerosis
    Hardening of an artery
  5. Arteriotomy
    Incision into an artery
  6. Atherosclerosis
    A type of arteriosclerosis characterized by lipid deposits cusing fibrosis and calcification
  7. Bradycardia
    Slow heartbeat
  8. Cadiocentesis
    Surgical puncture of the heart
  9. Cardiologist
    A physician specializing in diseases of the heart
  10. Cardiomegaly
    Enlargement of the heart
  11. Cardiopulmonary
    Pertaining to heart and lungs
  12. Carditis
    Inflammation of the heart
  13. Cyanosis
    Bluing of the skin and mucous membranes caused by oxygen deficiency
  14. Electrocardiogram
    Electrical tracing of the heart and muscle activity
  15. Embolism
    Blood clot traveling through a blood vessel to another part of the body
  16. Hemangioma
    Benign tumor of a blood vessel
  17. Hypertension
    Persistent excessive pressure in the arteries
  18. Pericarditis
    inflammation of the pericardium
  19. Thrombus
    Blood clot formed within a blood vessel
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