Med Terms Related to the Nervous System

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  1. Amnesia
    Loss of memory
  2. Ataxia
    Loss of muscular coordination
  3. Bradykinesia
    Abnormal or slowness or motion
  4. Cephalgia/Cephalagia
  5. Cerebrospinal
    Pertaining to the brain and spinal cord
  6. Craniotomy
    Surgical incision into the skull
  7. Dyphasia
    Imairment of speech (Syn - aphasia)
  8. Discectomy
    Surgical excision of an intervertebral disc
  9. Encephalomalacia
    Softening of the brain due to ischemia or infarction
  10. Epidural
    Pertaining to above or outside the dura mater
  11. Hemiparesis
    Paralysis on side of the body
  12. Intracranial
    Within the skull
  13. Laminectomy
    Escision of the vertebral posterior arch or spinal process
  14. Meningitis
    Inflammation of the meninges or the membranes covering the spinal cord or brain
  15. Myelitis
    Inflammation of spinal cord
  16. Neuralgia
    Severe or stabbing pain in the course or distribution of a nerve
  17. Neuritis
    Inflammation of a nerve
  18. Neurolysis
    Destruction of nerve tissue or lysis (breaking up) perineural adhesion
  19. Neurologist
    Physician who specializes in diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the nervous system
  20. Neurorrhaphy
    Repair of severed nerve by suture, graft or with synthetic conduit
  21. Neurosis
    Emotional condition or disorder; anxiety is a primary characteristic
  22. Paranoia
    A mental disorder, often includes delusions involving persecution
  23. Poliomyelitis
    Inflammation of gray matter of the spinal cord
  24. Psychosis
    Abnormal condition of the mind, gross disorganization or distortion of mental capacity
  25. Quadriplegia
    Paralysis of all four extremities
  26. Radiculitis
    Inflammation of the spinal nerve roots
  27. Subdural
    Below the dura mater
  28. Vagotomy
    Surgical incision of the vagus nerve
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