Music 11

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  1. Melody
    a sucession of pitches percieved by mind of musical entity
  2. Phrase
    frequency; # of cycles per second
  3. Cadence
    Musical stopping point; end of phrase
  4. Harmony
    • (background to melody) how chords are constructed & how they follow each other.
    •                    consonace- stability
    •                    dissonance - instability
  5. interval
    space between 2 notes
  6. chord
    3 or more notes played together
  7. arpeggio
    broken chord; sounding of individual chord
  8. progression
    series of chord
  9. rhythm (simple/complex)
    orderede flow of music through time; pattern of durations of notes & silences in music 
  10. beat
  11. meter (time signature)
    • org. of beats into regular groups
    •   barlines
    •   duple meter
    •   triple meter
    •   downbeats
    •   syncopation 
  12. tempo(largo,grave, adagio,andante,moderato,allegrato,allegro,vivace,presto, prestissimo)
    pace of music or speed of the beat
  13. rests
    symbols that indicate the duration of silence in the music
  14. dynamics
    colume or amplitude; degree of loudness & softness in music
  15. crescendo
    gradually getting louder : <
  16. decrescendo or diminuendo
    gradually getting softer
  17. symbol for pianissimo
  18. symbol for piano (soft)
  19. symbol mezzo piano (moderate)
  20. symbol mezzo forte
  21. symbol forte (loud)
  22. symbol for fortissimo
  23. texture
    density of the usic in terms of voices or melodies
  24. monophony
    one melody w/o harmonic accompaniment
  25. homophony
    1 melody and harmony
  26. polyphony
    2 or more melodic lines or relatively; interest @ the same time
  27. notation
    system of writing down music so that specific pitches & rythms can be communicated
  28. key
    a family of notes; a central note; scale and chord within a piece, in relationship to watch all other tones in compenstaion are heard
  29. tonality
    • system of keys 
    •   1. tonic or keynote
    •   2. key signature, modulation
    •   3. scales (major &minor,chromatic)
  30. modality
    system of modes
  31. articulation
    accents in music
  32. legato 
    smooth; connected manner of performing a melody
  33. steccato
    short detached manner of performing a melody
  34. orchestration
    order of instruments play and combined
  35. instrumentaion
    the arrangment of instruments in music
  36. musical form
    overall structure of music; org. of musical ideas in time 
  37. the techniques that create musical form
    • repition, contrast, variation
    • ternary form 3 parts
    • binary form 2 parts 
  38. theme
  39. variation
    song form
  40. what are the women's voices
    soprano, mezzo soprano, alto ,contrato
  41. mens voices
    counter tenor, tenor, baritone, bass
  42. range
    distance between up and down note an instrument can produce
  43. register
    part of total range of an instrument or voice
  44. timbre/tone color
    may change w/ register in which played or sung; quality of sound that distinguishes 1 instument or voice from another
  45. strings
    • sounds produced by vibrating a tight cable
    • the longer the string lower pitch vice versa 
  46. woodwinds
    • tradiotionally made of wood 
    •  longer lube, lower pitch (vice versa) 
  47. brass 
    vibrations come from musicians lips as he or she blow into a cup or funnel shaped mouthpiece
  48. percussion
    generally by striking shaking or rubbing the instrument
  49. keyboard 
    permits performer to play several tones at the same time easily and rapidly
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