Spanish Verbs

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  1. aguantar
    to put up with, stand, tolerate 
  2. ahorrar
    to save
  3. alcanzar
    to reach, overtake
  4. almacenar
    to store
  5. alquilar
    to rent
  6. aparcar
    to park
  7. aprovechar
    to take advantage of
  8. armar
    to set up, put together
  9. arrastrar
    to drag
  10. arreglar
    to arrange, fix up
  11. averiguar
    to find out
  12. cargar
    to load, upload
  13. charlar
    to chat
  14. colocar
    to put, place
  15. cruzar
    to cross
  16. cursar
    to study, take (a course on)
  17. descargar
    to download
  18. diseñar
    to design
  19. doblar
    to turn (change direction); to dub (film)
  20. durar
    to last
  21. echar
    to throw
  22. empujar
    to push
  23. ensayar
    to test, try out; to rehearse
  24. estacionar
    to park
  25. estornudar
    to sneeze
  26. felicitar
    to congratulate
  27. gastar
    to spend, waste
  28. grabar
    to record
  29. navegar
    to surf (the web)
  30. parar
    to stop
  31. pegar
    to stick, glue, to hit
  32. pisar
    to stand on, step on
  33. saludar
    to greet, to say hello 
  34. tardar
    to take/be a long time
  35. coser
    to sew
  36. prender
    to turn on
  37. toser
    to cough
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