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  1. lighting: Psychological aspects
    has different moods that it brings to the scene

    ex) death shadows 
  2. low key lighting
    illumination that creates strong contrast between light and dark areas of the shot.

    deep shadows with little fill light 
  3. strong key lighting
    soft shadows and highlights
  4. Chiaroscure (lighting)
    light dark

    -typical lighting in horror films
  5. Back in the day color of films were....(CINEMATOGRAPHY)
    black and white or color
  6. now (choices of films-cinematography)
    film or digital cameras
  7. film cameras will eventually be turned back to...
    digital, to give to theathers
  8. 3 types of lens
    normal, wide angle, and telephoto
  9. (types of lens) wide angle
    subcategory of fish eye (very wide angle)
  10. (types of lens) telephoto
    magnify things on a distance (telescope)
  11. canted camera
    angling it sideways

    -to show someone drunk or crazy 
  12. long shot
    involves figures withing the frame
  13. medium shot
    waist and up
  14. close up shot
    head, typically
  15. extreme close up
    ear, telephone

    • -signifies importance
  16. point of view (POV)
    perspective of an actor
  17. tilt shot
    camera moves up and down
  18. tracking
    dolly shot

    camera is moving on tracks
  19. crane shot
    can be used to move camera up and down in the air
  20. symbolism (theme)
    object in film, musicular theme, and motifs
  21. symbol (theme)
    something that represents a particular idea
  22. alligory (theme)
    one story being told same time as another story being told in symbolic form
  23. Frame design
    when cinematography meets mis-en-scene
  24. radial design (frame design)
    swirls of circles
  25. symmetrical design (frame design)
    it can be cut symmeterically
  26. Asymmetrical (frame design)
    cannot be cut symmetrically.

    no balance
  27. rhythm design (frame design)
    the way it looks in shapes and forms

  28. psychology of shapes (frame design)
    horizontal: relaxing

    vertical : tension

    diagonals: most visual tension 
  29. film form
    overall development of the film
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