Med Terms for the Eye and Ear

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  1. Amblyopia
    Lazy eye causing dullness of vision
  2. Ametropia
    Defect in the refractive power of the eye
  3. Aphakia
    Absence of lens of the eye
  4. Astigmatism
    Due to an abnormal curve of the cornea, rays of light do not focus on the retina, dub are spread over area causing out of focus vision
  5. Blepharitis
    An inflammation of the edges of the eyelids
  6. Corneal
    Pertaining to the cornea
  7. Diplopia
    Double vision
  8. Ectropion
    Turning outward (eyelid)
  9. Entropion
    Turning inward (eyelid)
  10. Glaucoma
    Disease of the eye characterized by increased intraocular pressure
  11. Intraocular
    Within the eye
  12. Keratitis
    Inflammation of the cornea
  13. Lacrimal
  14. Ocular
    Pertaining to the eye
  15. Ophthalmologist
    A physician specializing in diagnosis and treatment of disease of the eye
  16. Ophthalmoscope
    An instrument to examine the interior portion of the eye
  17. Presbyopia
    Farsightedness associated with again and progressive disease
  18. Retinopathy
    Non inflammatory degenerative disease of the retina
  19. Tonometer
    Instrument to measure intraocular pressure
  20. Trichiasis
    Ingrown eyelashes, can rub against the cornea irritating the eye.
  21. Audiology
    Study of hearing disorders
  22. Auricle
    External ear
  23. Labyrinthitis
    Inflammation of the labyrinth
  24. Myringoplasty
    Repair of the tympanic membrane
  25. Otolaryngologist
    Physician specializing in diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the ear and larynx
  26. Otologist
    Physician specializing in diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the ear
  27. Otopyorrhea
    Pus draining from the ear
  28. Otoscope
    Instrument to examine the ear and ear drum
  29. Tinnitus
    Ringing in the ear
  30. Vertigo
    Feeling you or your environment is moving or spinning, caused by a disturbance of equilibrium in the labyrinth.
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