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  1. all activities involved in selling, renting, and providing products and services to ultimate consumers for personal, family, or houshold use
  2. offering several unrelated product lines in a single retail store
    scrambled merchandising
  3. using the telphone to interact with and sell directly to consumers
  4. the activities related to managing the store and the merchandise in the store, which includes retail pricing, store location, retail communication, and merchandise
    retailing mix
  5. retailers that use a combination of traditional store formats and nonstore formats, such as catalogs, television, and online retailing
    multichannel retailers
  6. a concept that describes how new forms of retail outlets enter the market
    wheel of retailing
  7. an approach to managing the assortment of merchandise that maximizes sales and profits
    category management
  8. the process of growth and decline that retail outlets experience over time
    retail life cycle
  9. independently owned firms that take title to the merchandise they handle
    merchant wholesalers
  10. agents who work for several producers and carry noncompetitive, complementary merchandise in and exclusive territitory
    manufacturer's agents
  11. independent firms or ondividuals whose main function is to bring buyers and sellers together to make sales
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