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  1. ankyl/o
    crooked or stiff
  2. arthr/o
  3. articul/o
  4. brachi/o
  5. cervic/o
  6. chondr/o
  7. cost/o
  8. crani/o
  9. dactyl/o
    digit (finger or toe)
  10. fasci/o
    fascia (a band) aka the fiberous membrane encasing the muscles
  11. femor/o
  12. fibr/o
  13. kyph/o
  14. lei/o
  15. lord/o
  16. lumb/o
    loin (lower back)
  17. myel/o
    bone marrow or spinal cord
  18. my/o   myos/o   muscul/o
  19. oste/o
  20. patell/o
    knee cap
  21. pelv/i   pelv/o
    hip bone or pelvic cavity
  22. radi/o
  23. rhabd/o
    rod shaped or striated (skeletal)
  24. sarc/o
  25. scoli/o
  26. spondyl/o
  27. stern/o
    sternum - breastbone
  28. ten/o  tend/o  tendin/o
  29. thorac/o
  30. ton/o
    tone or tension
  31. uln/o
  32. appendicular skeleton
    bones of shoulder; pelvis, and upper/lower extremeties
  33. axial skeleton
    bones of the skull, vertebral column, chest and hyoid bone
  34. flat bones
    ribs, shoulder blades, pelvis and skull
  35. irregular bones
    vertebrae and face
  36. sesamoid bones
    rounded bones found near joints ex patella
  37. plantarflexion
    flexion of the foot downward
  38. dorsiflexion
    flexion of the foot upwards
  39. cervical vertebra
    First 7 vertebrae in the neck C1-C7
  40. Thoracic Vertebra
    middle 12 vertebrae in the spine T1-T12
  41. Lumbar vertebrae
    last 5 vertebrae in the lower back L1-L5
  42. Sacrum
    5 fused pieces of the upper tailbone area
  43. Coccyx
    3-4 fused pieces last bit of the tailbone
  44. bone marrow
    soft connective tissue within the medullary cavities of bones
  45. red bone marrow
    found in cavities of MOST bones in infants but only in flat bones of adults - forms blood cells
  46. yellow bone marrow
    gradually repaces red bone marrow in adult bones - stores fat tissue and no longer makes blood cells
  47. bursa
    a fiberous sac between certain tendons and bones lined with synovial membrane that secretes synovial fluid. - basically a cushion
  48. disk
    flat, plate like structure composed of fibrocartilagenous tissue found between the vertebrae
  49. ligament
    connects bone to bone
  50. synovial membrane
    membrane lining the capsule of a joint
  51. synovial fluid
    lubricating fluid secreted by the synovial membrane
  52. striated muscle
    voluntary striated muscle attached to the skeleton
  53. smooth muscle
    involuntary muscle found in organs
  54. cardiac muscle
    muscle of the heart
  55. origin of a muscle
    muscle end attached to the bone that does not move when the muscle contracts
  56. insertion of a muscle
    muscle end attached to the bone that moves when the muscle contracts
  57. tendon
    connects muscle to bone
  58. fascia
    a band or sheet of fiberous connective tissue that covers, supports and separates muscle
  59. coronal (frontal) plane
    vertical division of the body into front (anterior) and back (posterior) portions
  60. sagittal plane
    vertical division of the body into right and left portions
  61. transverse plane
    horozontal division of the body into upper and lower portions
  62. anterior (A) (ventral)
    front of the body
  63. posterior (P) (dorsal)
    back of the body
  64. superior (cephalic)
    situation above another structure, toward the head
  65. inferior (caudal)
    situated below another structure, away from the head
  66. proximal
    TOWARD the origin of a structure
  67. distal
    AWAY from the origin of a structure
  68. medial
    toward the middle (midline)
  69. lateral
    toward the side
  70. axis
    the line that runs throughthe center of the body or a body part
  71. erect
    normal standing position
  72. decubitus
    laying down
  73. prone
    laying face down and flat
  74. recumbent
    laying down
  75. supine
    horozontal recumbent; laying flat on the back
  76. rotation
    circular movement around an axis
  77. supination
    turning upward of the palmar surface or plantar surface - like serving SOUP
  78. pronation
    turning downward or backward of the palmar or plantar surface
  79. arthralgia
    joint pain
  80. atrophy
    shrinking of the tissue such as muscle
  81. hypertrophy
    increase in the size of tissue such as a muscle
  82. hypotonia
    reduced muscle tone or tension
  83. myalgia   myodynia
    muscle pain
  84. ostealgia   osteodynia
    bone pain
  85. rigor or rigidity
    stiffness; stiff muscle
  86. spasm
    drawing in; involuntary contraction of a muscle
  87. spastic
    uncontrolled contractions of skeletal muscles causing stuff awkward movements
  88. tetany
    tension; prolonged, continuous muscle contraction
  89. tremor
    shaking; rhythmic muscular movement
  90. ankylosis
    stiff joint condition
  91. osteoarthritis (OA)
    most common form of arthritis that especially affects weight-bearing joints; characterized by the erosion of articular cartilage
  92. rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
    most crippling form of arthritis characterized by a chronic, systemic inflammation most often affecting joints and synovial membranes (specifically hands and feet) causing ankylosis and deformity
  93. gouty arthritis
    acute attacka of arthritis usually in a singe joint (big toe or thumb) caused by hyperuricemia (excess uric acid)
  94. epiphysitis
    inflammation of epiphyseal regions of the long bone
  95. myeloma
    bone marrow tumor
  96. myolitis
    inflammation of the muscle
  97. leiomyoma
    smooth muscle tumor
  98. rhabdomyoma
    skeletal muscle tumor
  99. muscular dystrophy
    a category of genetically transmitted diseases characterized by progressive atrophy of skeletal muscles
  100. -malacia
  101. comminuted fracture
    shattering of the bone
  102. oblique fracture
    angular break through the bone
  103. transverse fracture
    break in a straight line across the bone
  104. sprain
    injury to the ligament without joint dislocation or fracture
  105. ORIF open reduction, internal fixaction of a fracture
    internal surgical repair using pins, screws and/or plates
  106. CREF closed reduction, external fixation of a fracture
    external setting of a fracture along w/ external fixation of bones while healing.
  107. Tx
    traction in setting a bone by pulling on it
  108. NSAID
    NonSteroidal AntiInflammatory Drug
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Musculoskeletal system
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