Monorail Animals

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    • okapi
    • only found in the Ituri Rainforest
    • Only living cousin of the giraffe
    • resemblances to the giraffe include sloping hind quarters, shape of head, and prehensile tounge.
    • 14 inch long prehensile (or grasping)¬†tounge
    • okapi were declared a species in 1901
    • the Dallas Zoo is one of the world's leading okapi breeders.
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    • Nubian Ibex
    • male has the large horns, each of which can weigh up to 20 lbs.
    • Young Nubian Ibex are called kids.
    • they practice routes down the mountains so that they know which way to go if a predator appears.
    • very good climbers; their hooves help them to grip the mountains.
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    • Grevy's Zebra
    • 3 species of zebra
    • distinctive because of thier white bellies without any stripes, a long black stripe down their spine, mule-like ears, and the narrowest stripes of any zebra.
    • A zebra's stripes are different from individual to individual.¬† Just like human finger prints, no two stripe patterns are exactly alike.
    • A zebra's stripes are a part of a system called "disruptive camoflauge", meaning they blend in with each other to confuse their predators.
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