ADDA General Drafting Terminology

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  1. Inch to Millimeter Conversion
    Multiply inches by 25.4
  2. Acute Angle
    An angle of less than 90°
  3. Arc
    Any portion of the circumference of a circle.
  4. Chord
    Any straight line whose opposite ends terminate on thecircumference of a circle
  5. Complementary Angles
    Two angles whose sum is 90°
  6. Diameter
    The distance across a circle passing through its center
  7. Equilateral Triangle
    A triangle with three equal sides and threeequal angles
  8. Isosceles Triangle
    A triangle with two equal sides and two equalangles
  9. Major axis
    The long axis of an ellipse
  10. Minor Axis
    The short axis of an ellipse
  11. Radius
    The distance from the center point of a circle to theoutside circumference
  12. Obtuse Angle
    An angle greater than 90°
  13. Right Triangle (angle)
    A triangle with one 90° angle
  14. Supplementary Angles
    Two angles whose sum is 180°
  15. Circumscribed
    A figure bounding so as to touch in as manyplaces possible
  16. Inscribed
    A figure encircled so as to touch in as many placespossible
  17. Perpendicular
    At 90° to a given plane or line
  18. Symmetrical
    A quality in which all the features on either side ofa point, line or a plane are identical
  19. Fraction
    A part of a whole, such as ½ or ¼
  20. Half scale
  21. Double Size
  22. Draw to scale
    Drawing an object to a set proportion such as ½, ¼or double its actual size
  23. Metric System
    A decimal system of weights and measures basedon the meter and the kilogram
  24. Bevel
    A slanted surface not at 90° to another surface
  25. Chamfer
    A beveled corner at the opening of a hole or the end ofa cylindrical part to eliminate sharp edges
  26. Fillet
    An interior corner found on cast, forged or molded parts
  27. Knurl
    A diamond shaped or parallel pattern cut into cylindricalsurfaced to improve gripping or bonding between parts
  28. Round
    An exterior corner found on cast, forged or molded parts
  29. Parallel Lines
    Lines that are equidistant/non-intersecting
  30. Skew Lines
    Lines that are non-intersecting, non-parallel in 3-Dspace
  31. Quadrilateral
    A plane figure bounded by four straight sides
  32. Trapezoid
    Two sides parallel
  33. Ellipse
    A foreshortened circle having a major and a minor axis
  34. Bisect
    To divide into two equal parts
  35. Quadrant
    ¼ of a circle
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