HR Chap 4

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  1. Describe strategic talent management systems
    Talent managment is stretegic endeavor to optimize the use of human capital, which emables an organization to dirive short & long term results by building culture, engatement, capability, and capacity through intregrated talent acquisitio development and deployment processes that are aligned to business goals.
  2. Explain why job analysis is a basic human resource tool and explain the reasons for conducting job analysis?
    Job analysis is thesystematic process of determining the skills duties and knowledge required for performing jobs in an organization.  It is an essential and prevasive HR technique.  The need for a sound job analysis system is extremely critical.  New jobs are being created and old jobs are being redesigned or eliminated.
  3. Describe the types of info. required for job analysis and describe the various job analysis methods?
    Work activities, worker-orientated activities, and the types of machines, tools, equipment, and work aids used in the job are important.  This info. is used to help determine the job skills needed.  In addition the job analyst looks at job related tangibles and intangables.
  4. Id who conducts job analysis and describe the components of a job description. 
    People who participate in job analysis should include, at a minimum, the emplyee and the employees immediate supervisor.  Large organizations may have one or more job analysts but in small organization line supervisors may be responsible for job analysis.  Organizations that lack the technical expertise may use outside consultants to perform job analysis
  5. Explain O*Net as the Occupatioal Info. Network, Standard Occupatioal Classification (SOC) job sculpting, timeliness fo job analysis, job analysis for team member and describe how job analysis helps satisfy various legal requirements.
    Job sculpting involves modifying the typical job descriptions to take advantage of talents, interests, and experiences of ea employee.  The rapid pace of tech change makes the need for accurate job analysis even more important now and in the future.
  6. Explain the need for the HR manager needs to be a strategic partner?
    HR executives must work with top management in achieving concrete plans and results.  It is necessary for them to understand the operational side of business and comprehend the complex organizational design.  They must also be able to determine capabilities of the workforce today and future.
  7. Explain the strategic planning process and describe the HR planning process?
    Stretegic planning is a process by top management determines overall organizatioal purposes and objectives how they will be achieved. 1. determination of the organization mission 2. assessment of organization and its environment 3. setting of specific objectives or direction 4. determination of strategies to accomplish those objectives. 
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