Musculoskeletal System

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  1. Ankyl/O
    • Crooked or Stiff
  2. Arthr/o
    Joint or Articulation
  3. Brachi/o

  4. Cervic/o
  5. Chondro/o
  6. Cost/o
  7. Cranio/o
    Skull (bone)

    Do not confuse with Cephalo meaning Brain (organ)
  8. Dactyl/o
  9. Fasci/o
    Fascia or a band
  10. Femor/o
    Femur bone
  11. Fibr/o
  12. Kyph/o
    • humpack
  13. Lei/o
    • Smooth
  14. Lord/o
  15. Lumb/o
  16. Myel/o
    bone Marrow or spinal cord
  17. My/o
  18. Oste/o
  19. Patell/o
    Knee Cap
  20. Pelv/i
    hip bone or pelvic cavity
  21. Radi/o
  22. Rhabd/o
    Rod Shape or striated
  23. Sarc/o
  24. Scoli/o
  25. Spondyl/o
  26. Stern/o
    Sternum Breastbone
  27. Ten/o
    tendon (to stretch)
  28. Thorac/o
  29. Ton/o
    Tone or tension
  30. Uln/o
  31. Appendicular skeleton
    Bones of shoulder pelvis and extremeties 
  32. Axial Skeleton
    Bones of the skull/face, neck, back , chest (ribs) and hyvoid bone 
  33. Bone Marrow
    Soft connective tissue within the cavaties of the bone
  34. Red Bone Marrow
    Found in the bones of infants
  35. Yellow Bone Marrow
    Gradually replaces red bone marrow in adult bones
  36. Bursa
    a fibrous sac between certain tendons and bones
  37. Synovial Membrane
    Membrane lining the capsule of a joint
  38. Synovial Fluid
    Lubricating fluid secreted by the synovial membrane 
  39. Striated Muscle 
    Voluntary striated muscle that is attached to the skeleton
  40. Smooth Muscle
    Involuntary muscle found in internal organs 
  41. origin of a muscle 
    muscle end attached to the bone that does not move
  42. Tendon
    a band of fibrous tissue that connects muscle to bone
  43. Fascia
    a band of sheet of fbrous connective tissue that covers, suports and separates muscle
  44. Anterior
    front of the  body
  45. Posterior 
    Back of the body
  46. Posterior-anterior 
  47. Superior
    Situated above another structure-towards the head
  48. Inferior 
    situated below another structure -away from the head
  49. Proximal
    Toward the beginning or origin of a struture
  50. Distal
    Away from the the beginning or origin of a structure
  51. medial
    toward the middle/midline
  52. Lateral
    toward the side
  53. Axis
    line that runs through the center of the body or a body part
  54. decubitus
    lying down -in bed
  55. Prone
    lying face down flat
  56. supine
    horizonal - laying flat on the back
  57. Flexion 
    Bending at the joint so that a joint is bent
  58. extension
    straightening at the joint so their is no bend
  59. Abduction
    movement away from the body
  60. Adduction
    movement toward the body 
  61. Supination 

    (serving soup) 
    turning your hand palm up
  62. Pronation
    turning your hand palm down (towards the floor)
  63. Range of Motion 
    Total motion possible in a joint
  64. Arthralgia
    joint pain
  65. Atrophy
    shrinking of tissue like muscle
  66. flaccid
    flabby relaxed or having defective muscle tone
  67. Hypertrophy
    increase in the size of tissue such as muscle
  68. Hypotonia
    reduced muscle tone or tension
  69. Hypertonia
    increased mysicle tone or tension
  70. Myalgia or Myodynia
    Muscle pain
  71. ostealgia or osteodynia
    bone pain
  72. rigor 
    stiffness or stiffness in muscle 
  73. Spasm 
    involuntary contraction of muscle
  74. spastic
    uncontrolled contractions of skeletal muscles
  75. Tetany
    tension prolonged continous tension of muscles
  76. tremor
    shaking muscular movement
  77. Ankylosis
    Stiff joint condition
  78. Arthritis 
    inflamations of the joints
  79. Bony necrosis
    Dead bone tissue
  80. Bunion 
    swelling of the joint at the base of the great toe
  81. bursitis
    inflammation of a bursa
  82. carpal tunnel syndrome
    Condtion that results from compression on the median nerve
  83. Comminuted fractures
    broken in many little pieces
  84. osteomalacia
    diesase marked by softening bone
  85. Sprain
    injury to a ligament caused by joint trauma w/o joint fracture or dislocation
  86. Nuclear medicine
    ionizing imaging technique  using radioactive isotopes
  87. Radionuclide organ imaging
    Bone scan 
  88. Closed reduction external fixation 
    • external manipulation 
    • and external hardware applied to fix a bone 
  89. Open reduction Internal fixation
    Internal surgical repair or broken bones
  90. OA
  91. Tx
  92. P
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