MGMT Week 2

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  1. Shwartz's personal values: social status and prestige, control or dominance over people and resources
  2. Shwartz's personal values: personal success through demonstrating competence according to social standards
  3. Shwartz's personal values: pleasure and sensous gratification for oneself
  4. Shwartz's personal values: excitement, novelty, and challenge in life
  5. Shwartz's personal values: independent thought and action choosing, creating, exploring
    self direction
  6. Shwartz's personal values: understanding appreciation, tolerance, and protection of the welfare of all people and of nature
  7. Shwartz's personal values:preservation and enhancement of the welfare of people with whom one is in frequent personal contact
  8. Shwartz's personal values: respect, commitment and acceptance of the customs and ideas that traditional culture or religion provide the self
  9. Shwartz's personal values: restraint of actions, inclinations, and impulses likely to upset or harm others and violate social expectations or norms
  10. Shwartz's personal values: safety, harmony, and stability of society, or relationships and of self
  11. occurs when highly ranked instrumental and terminal values pull an individual in different directions
    intrapersonal value conflict
  12. occurs when combinations of intrsumental and terminal values inevitably spark disagreements
    interpersonal value conflict
  13. occurs when values espoused or enacted by the organization collide with employee's personal values
    individual organization value conflict
  14. the similarity between an individual's personal values and the cultural value system of an organization
    value congruence or personal culture
  15. What type of conflict: I want to be healthy by exercising regularly; I want to advance my career by working hard and be involved in my children's life
    Intrapersonal Value Conflict
  16. What type of conflict: I want to be healthy; my organization values smoking
    Individual-Organization Value Conflict
  17. What type of conflict: I want to be honest by reporting company financials accurately; my coworker values a bonus that would come from reporting booked income early
    Interpersonal Vaule Conflict
  18. enduring beliefs about the importance of family and who should play key family roles
    family values
  19. center on the relative importance of work and career goals
    work values
  20. is the degree of consensus among family members about family values
    value similarity
  21. invovles the amount of value agreement between employee and employer
    value congruence
  22. T/F Having lots of specific family friendly programs is more important than having a family friendly culture
  23. T/F Work flexibility in terms of when, where and how employees get their jobs done is essential for work/life balance
  24. T/F Managers perceived as having higher work life balance were rated less promotable
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