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  1. pwd
    print working directory
  2. hostname
    print the computer's network name
  3. mkdir
    make directory
  4. cd
    change directory
  5. ls
    list the contents of a directory (current by default)
  6. rmdir
    remove a directory
  7. pushd
    push a directory (set it to the top of the stack, in other words - save it to memory so that it can be returned to any time)
  8. popd
    pop directory (return to the directory at the top of a stack - return to a directory saved to memory)
  9. cp
    copy a file or directory
  10. mv
    move a file or directory
  11. less
    one command for paging through a file (slower paging)
  12. cat
    print a file
  13. xargs
    execute arguments
  14. find
    find files
  15. grep
    another powerful way of finding strings, including file names or content within files
  16. man
    read a manual page
  17. apropos
    find what manual page is appropriate
  18. env
    look at the environment
  19. echo
    print some arguments
  20. export
    export/set a new environment variable
  21. exit
    exit the shell
  22. sudo
    !DANGER! become super root user !DANGER!
  23. chmod
    change permission modifiers
  24. chown
    change ownership
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